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The new video streaming app will allow occupants to receive web-based streaming content directly form the 11-inch centre display of their car.

07 May 2021 | International News : Sweden

Polestar has developed a video streaming app for the Polestar 2 all-electric five-door liftback. The app, which is now available in all European markets, brings web-based streaming content from various providers directly to the 11-inch centre display in the car.

Content on the app includes news services and national TV broadcasts where available, as well as select videos curated by Polestar. All European markets are set to receive feeds from news outlets such as BBC Ideas and Al Jazeera English.

The Polestar 2 runs on the Android Automotive operating system. An online emulator - available on Polestar's developer portal - is accessible to any app developer, eliminating the long lead times present in the traditional car industry.

The Polestar video app can be accessed when the car is stationary. When streaming is in progress and the car is set in motion, the audio continues to be played in the background, allowing occupants to follow the broadcast. 

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