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The new Opel Grandland offers a distinctly bold design language, more technology, and increased on-board levels of comfort.

10 Jun 2021 | International News : Germany

Opel has revealed the new Opel Grandland - a significantly revised version of its popular SUV. The new Grandland offers a bold design language, innovative infotainment and assistance technologies, and increased on-board comfort.

The new Grandland's design team have adapted the exterior to feature the unmistakable Opel 'Vizor' front end. Bold and clear, the Vizor design sharpens the front end and seamlessly integrates the grille and the IntelliLux LED into a single visual element.

The Opel 'Vizor' front seamlessly integrates the grille and the IntellLux LED
The 168 LED elements that comprise the IntelliLux LED system - 84 per headlamp - form in a three-row matrix, which adaptively switch on and off depending on the surrounding lighting and traffic situation. 

Inside, the user-concept design is futuristic yet minimalist. Two wide screens in a single unit form the Opel Pure Panel, which relays the most important information straight to the driver.

The 10-inch central touchscreen faces the driver, allowing him to concentrate on driving without needing to take his eyes off the road, and the 12-inch central screen displays the infotainment system.

With the fully digital Pure Panel, the new Grandland offers drivers an immersive cockpit experience. The flagship SUV also features additional technologies and assistance systems traditionally reserved for premium segments of the market, such as the adaptive IntelliLux LED Pixel Light.

The 168 LED elements that comprise the IntelliLux LED system form a three-row matrix
The same goes for Opel's brand new Night Vision system, which detects pedestrians and animals in darkness at a distance of up to 100m and alerts the driver.

Another new technology is the semi-adaptive Highway Integration Assist, which keeps the Grandland in the middle of its lane and maintains an appropriate distance from the vehicle in front.

The new Grandland's infotainment system is fully compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In combination with the services from OpelConnect, the top-of-the-line Multimedia Navi Pro system makes travelling easier with real-time traffic alerts, online map updates and predictive navigation. 

With the fully digital Pure Panel, the Grandland boasts an immersive cockpit experience
The new Opel Grandland features numerous other assistance systems. The 360-degree panoramic camera makes manoeuvring easier for the driver via a front and a rear camera. The area in front and behind the SUV, as well as a bird's eye view is displayed on the infotainment screen.

The ergonomic active seats for drivers and front passengers have been certified by orthopaedic professionals and help support good posture. The award-winning seats offer a wide range of adjustments, from electric seat tilt to electro-pneumatic lumbar support. 

Convenience is also increased with the sensor-controlled tailgate, which can be opened and closed by a movement of the foot under the rear bumper.

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