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Dacia is adopting a more modern look that stays true to its goal of delivering high-quality vehicles that offer the best value.

22 Jun 2021 | International News : Romania

Romanian automaker Dacia embraces its future with the reveal of a new visual identity. Since the brand's inception, it has shaken up the car market having become a unique offering for consumers. As part of the brand's new strategy, Dacia is taking on a more modern and authentic look that stays true to its philosophy of delivering high-quality vehicles that offer the best value.

The logotype, central to the new visual identity, gives the impression of robustness and stability. The shape of the letters is intentionally refined, with the 'D' and 'C' mirroring each other, reflecting the brand's simplistic and artful mindset.

Simple and clear, these two new visuals are full of meaning - they reflect the robustness of Dacia vehicles, a quality that continues to serve millions of customers every day.

The colour scheme, built around khaki-green, evokes the brand's closeness to nature – a powerful reference to a terrain where Dacia vehicles, like the iconic Duster, come into their own. Secondary colours, which will be available on Dacia vehicles themselves, include terracotta, sand, and green.

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