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The new and improved configurator, powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine and Nividia RTY on Google Cloud. will elevate the brand's online digital experience.

22 Jul 2021 | International News : U.K.

Aston Martin has launched an all new configurator, designed to elevate the luxury brand's online digital experience for customers, fans and dealer partners.

The new configurator simplifies the specification process, allowing customers to intuitively create their most desired Aston Martin.

The new configurator will allow customers to view their car in immersive 3D ultra high definition environments
Offering immersive 3D ultra high definition environments, the Aston Martin configurator provides customers with the ability to zoom in on the fine details of the car, which can then be viewed in a cinematic video that clearly shows the full exterior and interior specification chosen.

A choice of beautiful backdrops, from a studio environment to real locations helps customers visualise their perfect car. This new, streamlined customer journey can even pick up the exact specification of a car that a customer has seen in an advertisement, recreating the exact look of the selected car.

The configurator is designed to engage, excite and enable the brand's customers, wherever they are in the purchase journey. At any point in the online process they will be able to switch to personal interaction and schedule an online session with their local dealer who can assist with their configuration.

Customers and fans can download a personalised brochure of their configuration, share their favourite configurations to social media and also choose to book a test drive at any point in the process.

Aston Martin's new series of interior trim environments are also making their debut on the new configurator
Aston Martin has also updated its range for the 2022 manufacturing year. The coupe and volante variants of the 4.0-litre V8-equipped Aston Martin DB11 now have a new, higher, maximum power output of 528bhp.

This increased engine power is delivered at higher engine speeds by sustaining torque throughout the engine speed range. Furthermore, DB11 can now be fitted with optional Sports Plus Seats which add extra support to the shoulders, thorax and legs for both the driver and passenger - befitting of a car with this increased power and top speed.

The marque's flagship Super GT will now be known as the Aston Martin DBS, after dropping the 'Superleggera' badge and the V12 DB11, whilst retaining its higher power output and dynamic suspension attributes, has dropped the 'AMR' badge. Both of these changes were made to simplify nomenclature across the range and focus the offering to customers.

The Vantage and DBS are now offered with striking new 21-inch wheel designs, while the marque's first SUV, the Aston Martin DBX, can be configured with 23-inch wheels, new Sports Plus seats and wireless charging. For added convenience, the inductive charging system is integrated into the Infotainment system, enabling visibility of the device's charge status within the main vehicle display.

A new series of interior trim environments are also being introduced to the product line up for the first time and make their debut on the configurator. The 'Create', 'Accelerate', and 'Inspire' environments are available across all Aston Martin cars, offering combinations of materials, colours and features carefully curated by the Aston Martin Design team - each showcasing a different design character to suit a customer’s individual taste.

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