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Cupra marches onward with its goal of installing new lifestyle and art destinations in the heart of cities worldwide with a new Cupra Garage in Milan, Italy.

19 Sep 2021 | International News : Italy

Cupra has opened a new City Garage the heart of the Italy’s capital of fashion, Milan.

The new 350sqm space is divided into two levels. The street level is dedicated to products, gastronomy and lifestyle, while the basement is a modular and multidisciplinary space for lifestyle and business events. The space is designed to offer customers a unique, singular way of moving through an immersive brand experience.

More Cupra Garages are planned for Madrid, Rotterdam, Lisbon and Berlin
Each City Garage has its own distinctive design respecting the area's history and inspired by the city where it is built, incorporating local design elements and work from local designers.

And the Cupra Garage Milano is no different. A Chispa by Marset Cupra lamp installation features on the ground floor, while distinctive wall decorations and design furniture are utilised in the basement. All these elements represent Cupra's contemporary interpretation of space sophistication and uniqueness.

The Cupra Garages are the home of the brand in top cities worldwide, and are always located in exclusive and iconic hotspots. With the City Garages, Cupra wants to connect with the cities and their culture, hosting events and exhibitions as well as contributing to developing new local talents and collaborations. Cupra Garages in Madrid, Rotterdam, Lisbon and Berlin will follow soon.

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