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Cycle two abreast if you want but keep to groups to 10 maximum, the AMAP has recommended in its report on on-road cycling in Singapore.

01 Oct 2021 | Local News : Singapore

The Active Mobility Advisory Panel (AMAP) has submitted its report and recommendations after having been tasked to review Singapore's current regulations regarding on-road cycling to Minister for Transport, Mr. S. Iswaran.

Several recommendations were made in the report, including one that proposed cyclists be allowed to continue riding two abreast on roads with two or more lanes, which it stated was beneficial for the safety and visibility of cyclists.

The AMAP also suggested the cycling groups be limited to five when cycling single-file, or 10 when cycling two abreast
It also recommended that guidelines ought to be added into the Highway Code and driving test handbooks to urge motorists to keep a 1.5m minimum distance when passing cyclists on the roads.

Other recommendations in the report that we are sure would be more agreeable to motorists include the limiting of cyclist group sizes to a maximum of five bicycles if in a single file, and up to 10 bicycles, if they are cycling two abreast.

For those travelling in groups larger than 10, the AMAP recommended that they split into separate riding groups, with a safe distance of about two lamp posts, or around 30m, between them.

The registration of bicycles and licensing of cyclists however, did not make it into the list of recommendations, as the panel felt that it would raise barriers to the take-up of cycling amongst seniors and commuters. It stated that the examples from other countries showed there was little reductions in errant cycling or an increase in road safety.

The AMAP had previously submitted a list of recommendations for the control of the use of e-scooters and e-bikes, which the government largely adopted.

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