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The all-electric Subaru Solterra will be available with either front or all-wheel drive, and 201bhp or 214bhp respectively.

12 Nov 2021 | International News : Japan

Subaru has unveiled the new all-electric Solterra electric SUV.

The new SUV is based upon the e-Subaru Global Platform, a battery-electric vehicle dedicated platform that was developed in collaboration with Toyota.

An instrument panel mounted on a low dashboard is said to bring out the sensation of space in the cabin of the Subaru Solterra
Measuring 4,960mm long, 1,860mm wide and 1,650mm tall, the Subaru Solterra is just slightly longer and wider, but is shorter than the current Subaru Forester.

Up front, the Subaru Solterra gets a hexagon grille, said to express the energy efficiency of the new battery electric vehicle. Dynamic fenders at the flank communicate strength and emphasise the car's SUV identity.

And Subaru's all-wheel drive tradition has survived into this new electric era.

The all-wheel drive variant of the Subaru Solterra will utilise the quick response time of its electric motors for flexible driving force distribution between front and rear tyres. This variant will also get an X-Mode AWD control system, said to enhances the sense of security on rough roads. A new Grip Control function is also said to enhance stability for the Solterra even on rough roads.

Power for this variant is provided by two 107bhp electric motors at either axle. Those electric motors will be fed via a 71.4kWh lithium-ion battery. A second, front-wheel drive variant of the car is also being offered, with a sole 201bhp motor at the front axle. The battery capacity for this variant is identical to the all-wheel drive one.

Cruising range for the Subaru Solterra is 530km for the front-wheel drive variant and 460km for the all-wheel drive one, based on the Japanese WLTC standard. Maximum claimed charging speed via alternating current stands at 6.6kW, while the maximum charging speed via direct current is 150kW.

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