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The Porsche Destination Charging network will be expanded to at least 11 locations islandwide, including City Square Mall and Sembawang Country Club.

01 Dec 2021 | Local News : Singapore

The race among manufacturers to build an EV charging network in Singapore is heating up, and this time round, it's not Tesla bringing the fire (or shall we say, electricity). 

Porsche Singapore has unveiled ambitious plans to expand its Porsche Destination Charging (PDC) network, and in partnership with local energy giant, SP Group. The expansion will be rolled out in two phases, with three new locations to be readied by January 2022, before another four follow by mid-year. 

The expansion will see the PDC network reaching into the North region for the first time
The PDC network in current form is largely contained within the Central-South area of Singapore, with 15 charging points spread out across Marina Bay and Sentosa. Meanwhile, the East gets six at Jewel Changi Airport. When mid-2022 swings around, this will have been bumped up to a whopping 51 charging points in total across 11 locations. 

Further expansion will occur in the Central region - including four charging points at City Square Mall - and for the first time ever, the North will get its own dedicated access to the network, with four charging points slated for Sembawang Country Club as well. When these plans are complete, the widened PDC network will see Porsche getting bragging rights to Singapore's largest manufacturer-branded EV charging network. Locating the stations, as well as payment for usage, will be done via the SP Utilities app.

Porsche's unequivocal efforts to go electric are embodied most notably by the stellar Taycan
Although the PDC will (thankfully) be open to all EV and PHEV drivers, Porsche Singapore has underscored that its own drivers will continue to enjoy exclusive benefits. Drivers who get the keys to a brand new Porsche BEV or PHEV from 1 Jan 2022 will enjoy an entire year of complimentary charging, before enjoying a 20% tariff rebate at all PDC stations thereafter.

Guess it's time to juice up those Taycans then… For those who can afford them, of course. With the PDC aggressively expanding, it appears that the famed Supercharger network will finally be getting some serious competition; it's an arms race now, and an exciting one at that. Your move, Tesla.

*Correction: A previous version of the article stated that City Square Mall and Sembawang Country Club will be getting two and six charging points respectively. Both locations are slated to get four charging points. 

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