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Porsche's dream-like, dream-inspired collaboration with French Artist Cyril Lancelin is making its second stop right on our shores, after debuting in Paris.

21 Jan 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Remember Your Dreams. That's the short but gripping title of the inflatable art-installation commissioned by Porsche that currently stands at The [email protected] Bay. 

More than one person has commented that it looks… somewhat intestinal. Our writer's father said it reminded him of a gigantic rubberised playground. Doesn't matter; it can be whatever you dream it to be, after all. 

Remember Your Dreams was created by Lyon-born Cyril Lancelin, and is one of the first headliners of Porsche's 'The Art of Dreams' series
Measuring 10 x 12.4 x 7.6 metres (L x W x H), the piece is a material realisation of French Architect-Artist Cyril Lancelin's known fascination with geometric shapes, welded together with his inspiration from Porsche's brand. 

As you step into the inflated, seemingly uninterrupted purple fabric, you are supposed to be transported away momentarily from the present and into your closely-held dreams, perhaps buried deep in the recesses of your soul by time, by the hard knocks of life, or by both. The lavender/lilac (we respectfully refuse to make the exact call) that you see was actually derived from a 1973 911 Carrera RS that had caught Lancelin's eye.  

Speaking of the 911, an actual Porsche is, of course, also on display at the space. Donning the Frozen Berry paintcoat in Singapore for the first time, the all-electric Taycan greets you on the right as you step onto the walkway towards the installation. (It's also not the only reminder of Porsche's greening efforts; the installation is made of fabric rather than plastic, and all materials used will apparently be recycled.)

The all-electric Porsche Taycan dons a delicious Frozen Berry coat for the first time in Singapore
Singapore has the honour of being just the second stop for the immersive installation, after it made its debut in Paris. That also gives us bragging rights as the first Asian city to host the inflatable piece. 

We're told that only significant 'cultural centres' - including Paris and Singapore - were considered for the piece, and that Singapore's rapid rise to economic powerhouse aligns perfectly with the art installation's spirit of being inspired by dreams. 

Remember Your Dreams is, however, not a stand-alone event. Rather, as the headlining act, it breaks ground for Porsche's ongoing 'The Art of Dreams' campaign, which aims to move the masses all over the globe through immersive and emotive art installations. 

The central motif tying all of them together is, of course, that of dreams. As the story goes, founder Ferdinand Porsche had a specific dream decades back of what a sports car should be like. But no one was making it. Seeing that no one else could do the job, he went ahead to build it himself. 

The Porsche Vision GT car was unveiled late last year as part of PlayStation's upcoming Gran Turismo 8
In line with this, Porsche has fully embraced its 'Driven by dreams' brand ethos in recent times, and embarked on an expansive and earth-shaking campaign to broaden the reach of its brand. 

Late last year, it unveiled its first-ever Vision GT car for PlayStation's Gran Turismo 8 game, which will be released in just a couple of months. Before that, it also opened its novel Porsche studio concept - what many would consider experience stores - in parts of urban Asia. 'The Art of Dreams' promises to be the latest notch in its belt of new ventures - and a thoroughly memorable one at that. 

Considering that 'The Art of Dreams' will be a series of events, our eyes are peeled for what else Porsche has lined up in the near future, as well as for whether Singapore will get lucky so early again. Specific details are, however, still hazy.

The installation will occupy the space for barely a week - just up till 29 January - so you'll have to act fast
In case you're intending to head down, it will thrill you to know that admission to the installation is free. Sadly, after capping off Singapore Arts Week 2022 this weekend, it will remain for just one more week, then depart after its last day on 29 January, Saturday. You'll have to hurry; Milan is next. 

But fret not if you've got work commitments in the day. The installation opens its doors to visitors from 2:00pm all the way till 10:00pm on weekdays, and from 12:00pm to 10:00pm on weekends. Dream away!

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