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The Morgan Plus Six has been updated with a new active sports system alongside plenty of new practical touches in the cabin.

25 Jan 2022 | Local News : Singapore

The 2022 Morgan Plus Six has arrived in Singapore.

New for the car is its hood design, which now has a revised structure which eliminates the need for hood rail fasteners. The car also gets a new seal package around its doors and sidescreen closures, all improvements which are designed to improve usability, weather protection, and refinement.

The 2022 Morgan Plus Six can now be had with an Active Sports Exhaust System, available with either polished silver or black tailpipes
The 2022 model car also now sports Morgan's new redesigned 'wings badge', while lower down, the bottom intake mesh at the front can now be specified in a black finish to match the optional black upper grille mesh.

At the other end of the Morgan Plus Six is a new optional Active Sports Exhaust System, which utilises active bypass valves, to unleash the full character of the engine when set in the car's 'Sport' or 'Sport Plus' driving modes. The pipes at the rear with a choice of polished silver or black.

In the cabin, the Morgan Plus Six gets new seats, designed to improve comfort with new reprofiled ergonomic seat padding in the base and backrest, as well as to offer enhanced lateral and longitudinal support.

The seats of the sports coupe have been redesigned to offer improve comfort as well as enhanced lateral and longitudinal support
A new lockable storage compartment is now available as an option on the Plus Six. Fitted to the rear of the luggage compartment, it provides secure stowage for valuable items when the car is left unattended. The entrance to this compartment is flanked by two sets of LEDs, to keep fumbling around the car to a minimum.

There's also now two USB outlets available in the cabin of the 2022 car.

Singapore-bound models of the Morgan Plus Six are powered by a 335bhp 3.0-litre six cylinder sourced from BMW, paired to a BMW eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Car Model Price as of press time (not inclusive of COE)
Morgan Plus Six 3.0 Bespoke $430,888

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