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While Teo Heng remains indefinitely closed, here's something that could help in staving off our craving for crooning - if only it was coming to Singapore.

04 Feb 2022 | International News : China

Multiple news outlets have picked up that as part of a software update released in line with the Lunar New Year, Tesla has released an all-new product - the TeslaMic - solely for its mainland Chinese customers. 

To complement a new karaoke feature on the cars, the TeslaMics were retailing in a paired bundle for ¥1199 (or about S$250) on Tesla China's official webstore. The microphones boast the ability to pair automatically with the cars' infotainment systems, apart from having a clean and modern look (as is to be expected, of course, from Tesla).

A new partnership with Leishi KTV unlocks access to its interface and catalogue of hit songs
A promotional video posted on Tesla China's Weibo page gives customers an idea on how the mics will work, with a couple singing along rather demurely to Hebe Tien's still-ubiquitous hit single, My Little Happiness (小幸运), while its music video plays on the touchscreen. In other shots from the video, a Tesla Model 3 is parked against a picturesque sunset next to a romantic glamping set-up.

Although in-car karaoke is actually not new to Teslas, this latest software update introduces it to the Chinese market with more depth through a fresh partnership with karaoke software-provider, Leishi KTV.

By tapping on Leishi's interface and into its bottomless catalogue of songs, it appears that the cars can now offer drivers an even more cohesive and holistic sing-your-heart-out experience.

The TeslaMics have apparently been a hit, selling out shortly after launch and crashing the webstore
Still, such left-of-center approaches to infotainment, it must be noted, are actually not new to Tesla. The tablet-like screens in its cars have previously been known for other gimmicks, such as letting the driver choose which passenger they wanted to prank with fart sounds.

The EV-maker was also embroiled in controversy recently for allowing video games to be played on its cars' touchscreens when on the move. 

For Singaporean Tesla owners who are hoping to get their hands on one of these mics, even importing it privately doesn't appear to be an option. Reports indicate that some Chinese Tesla drivers themselves may have missed out on the chance, since the microphone apparently sold out within an hour of launch, and is still crashing the webstore.

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