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The Hyundai Tucson will feature in the film as an adventure-ready prototype, complete with fortified bumpers, off-road tyres, and other outdoor accoutrements.

06 Feb 2022 | International News : U.S.A

The new Hyundai Tucson will show its versatile capabilities and futuristic design in the upcoming Sony Pictures film Uncharted as a customised 'Beast' concept prototype.

The action-adventure movie from Sony Pictures is based on the popular PlayStation video game of the same title, Uncharted, by Naughty Dog. In the film, street-smart thief Nathan Drake (played by Tom Holland) is recruited by seasoned treasure hunter Victor 'Sully' Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to recover a fortune lost by Ferdinand Magellan 500 years ago.

The design of the 'beast' was the product of a collaboration between the Hyundai Design and Technical Centre in Irvine, California, and Sony Pictures. The car gets a rugged exterior with fortified bumpers, tyres and other outdoor-ready accoutrements that exhilarate the treasure-hunting escapade.

As part of its marketing activities for the film, Hyundai Motor has also launched a global TV commercial starring Tom Holland and a variety of digital and on-site promotional activities. The 60-second commercial, titled Car Wash, features Holland as Nathan Drake, who arrives at a local car wash with his Tucson covered in mud and filled with various treasure-hunting tools and artifacts. While his car is being washed, Nathan relaxes at the car wash until the car is clean and ready for its next adventure.

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