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The two 718 Cayman GT4 RS models at the GP Ice Race were powered by renewable petrol made from food waste products.

09 Feb 2022 | International News : Austria

Porsche has fielded a 718 Cayman GT4 RS alongside another Clubsport variant of the same car, both of which are powered by renewable petrol at the GP Ice Race in Zell am See.

The fuel for the two cars was made of food waste products. However, Porsche is also working with Siemens and other partners to develop a large-scale commercial plant to manufacture synthetic, almost carbon-neutral fuel.

The pilot plant in Chile will produce up to 130,000 litres of eFuels per year
Called the Haru Oni joint project, the plant will utilise electricity generated by wind power to break water down into both hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen is then processed with CO2 extracted from the air to produce e-methanol. A separate step known as methanol-to-gasoline synthesis is then used to turn the fuel into a synthetic raw gasoline, which in turn is processed into a standard-compliant gasoline fuel that can be used in all gasoline engines.

The plant is located in the Magallanes Province of southern Chile, allowing it to take advantage of the region's ideal conditions for generating wind energy, which will be used as a sustainable source of electricity to produce synthetic petrol.

From 2022, the pilot plant is expected to produce some 130,000 litres of eFuels per year. Porsche will purchase this volume in full - and will initially use the renewable synthetic fuel primarily in its motorsport activities. In the future, Porsche will use the eFuels in its own models with combustion engines - including classic cars.

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