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Kim and Mitch McCullough are taking their classic Porsche 911 through the East African Safari Classic Rally in order to raise funds for wildlife conservation.

22 Feb 2022 | International News : Kenya

An American couple are currently taking part in the legendary East African Safari Classic Rally in an effort to raise funding for wildlife organisations in Kenya.

The couple, Kim and Mitch McCullough, are competing the rally with their 1972 Porsche 911 in order to raise funds for wildlife conservation efforts as donations dwindle following the collapse of tourism due to the pandemic.

The McCulloughs are competing in the rally with a 1972 Porsche 911 specially prepared by U.K.-based Tuthill Porsche
The nine-day rally has reached its halfway point and will cover a total of nearly 5,000km, crossing borders between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The origins of the Safari Rally, hugely popular among Kenyans and worldwide off-road competitors, dates back to 1953. Now restricted to cars manufactured before 1985, 'the world's toughest classic rally,' as its organisers call it, is celebrating its 10th year as an event for classic cars.

Running alongside their participation in the rally is a 'Rally for Tusk' campaign, designed to generate awareness and collect donations which will be matched by the McCulloughs through their donation page here. Tusk is a U.K.-based organisation that supports wildlife programmes in Africa, and all funds raised by the campaign will support efforts in Kenya, the country that has supported the legendary rally since its inception.

"We want to support local conservation efforts through Tusk's mission which has been formed to amplify the impact of conservation initiatives across Africa by supporting the most effective local organisations, investing in their in-depth knowledge and expertise. The conservation projects provide not just protection for Africa's wildlife, but livelihoods and wellbeing for thousands of people across the continent," said Mitch.

The McCulloughs are competing in a 1972 Porsche 911 specially prepared by U.K.-based Tuthill Porsche for the Safari Rally.

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