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The U.K.-based taxi manufacturer is offering customers in London free rides in celebration of this milestone and the Queen's platinum jubilee.

20 May 2022 | International News : U.K.

The U.K.-based London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is marking 7,000 global sales of its world-famous TX plug-in hybrid range-extender electric taxi.

If you happen to be reading this from London, look out for these three unique 'celebration cabs' roaming around celebration London and you might just be able to catch yourself a free ride for the week starting from 19 May 2022.

Each of the three taxis are kitted out with a unique exterior, alongside a special surprise inside for passengers to enjoy, all done to celebrate the firm's sales milestone, as well as the platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Since launching in 2018, the TX has provided sustainable transport to both owners and passengers in more than 20 countries. LEVC states that the TX taxi has travelled more than 672 million kilometres globally, preventing a total of 127,000 tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.

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