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The special edition Volkswagen Touareg celebrates the technology flagship's 20th anniversary with a special exterior paint colour and interior fittings.

07 Jun 2022 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen is celebrating 20 years of the Touareg with a special 'Edition 20' Touareg.

The special edition model comes in a completely new Meloe Blue exterior paint finish, alongside high-gloss polished 20-inch Bogota wheels, set to be available only for this anniversary model.

The special 'Edition 20' Touareg gets red touches on its steering wheel, dashboard and door cards
The 'Edition 20' Touareg also comes with darkened side and rear windows, and LED tail lights that sport a cherry red tint. The car also gets an 'Edition 20' bade on its B-pillar, while its wheel arches and diffuser get a glossy black paint finish.

In the cabin, the 'Edition 20' Touareg is finished off with special sill panel trim that sports an ‘Edition 20’ logo. The car also comes with seats upholstered with black Savona leather, here sporting a distinctive diamond stitching and completed with seams in a contrasting Ceramique light beidge colour.

Red accents are also employed on the car's dash panel, steering wheel and door insets, and the leather-covered gear selector level also sports an 'Edition 20' logo.

Volkswagen states that more than one million units of the Touareg have been sold worldwide up to the present day.

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