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Cadillac has revealed the first images of its new Celestiq show car, said to represent the purest expression of Cadillac design.

10 Jun 2022 | International News : U.S.A

Cadillac has shared the first images of a new Celestiq show car, following shortly from the start of production of its new, all-electric Lyriq SUV.

The Celestiq show car is said to represent the purest expression of Cadillac design, technology and performance with its striking silhouette. The car is said to have been designed to challenge the ultra-luxury space.

"From its unique proportions and a new effortless, sophisticated form language, to the precision and attention to detail, the Celestiq is unlike anything on the road today," said Magalie Debellis, Manager, Cadillac Branded Advanced Design.

Cadillac will reveal more of the Celestiq via the General Motor Design page on Instagram through the rest of mid-2022 here.

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