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The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro 4Motion is the only all-wheel drive option in the all-electric SUV's lineup, save for the ID.4 GTX of course.

12 Jun 2022 | International News : Germany

The Volkswagen ID.4 can now be had with all-wheel drive, thanks to the addition of a new variant in the lineup: The ID.4 Pro 4Motion. The ID.4 Pro 4Motion is the sole all-wheel drive option for the all-electric SUV, save for the performance-oriented ID.4 GTX.

Volkswagen states the new variant will offer a total output of 261bhp, allowing a century sprint time of just 6.9 seconds and more traction in wet conditions such as when driving on snow or loose ground. This output comes courtesy of two electric motors at each axle, with the one at the rear being a permanently excited synchronous motor for high efficiency and constant power output over a large rpm range.

The one at the front axle meanwhile, is an asynchronous motor, ideally suited for use as a booster unit thanks to its short-time overload capability and low drag losses. The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro 4Motion will come with the larger of the two batteries already available in the range, with a 77kWh net capacity offering a 517km WLTP range. The top speed meanwhile, is limited to 180km/h, just as in the ID.4 GTX.

As with the other ID.4 models, the maximum charging speed of the ID.4 Pro 4Motion is 135kW.

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