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Not a fan of the Volkswagen ID. Aero Concept? Perhaps you'd rather sit in this also swoopy all-electric Ioniq 6 four-door?

29 Jun 2022 | International News : South Korea

Hyundai has just revealed the design of the Ioniq 6.

Taking its inspiration from streamliner movement popular in the 1930s and onwards, the Ioniq 6 makes use of an aerodynamically sculpted body, a sharp departure from Hyundai's earlier boxy effort, the Ioniq 5, although we can't help but notice more than a passing similarity to this latest also swoopy four-door all-electric thing, the ID. Aero Concept from Volkswagen.

Aerodynamically sculpted body, boat-tail-like rear, and the use of slim digital side mirrors all contribute to the low 0.21 drag coefficient of the Ioniq 6
There's thus a low nose up front, housing a pair of unoffensive head lights and active aero components. Slim digital side mirrors feature further back.

Move on to the rear and you'll notice the elliptical wing-inspired spoiler which sits atop the boat-tail-like rear. And there's a pair of rather tasty separation traps on both sides of the rear bumper.

Those more keenly-eyed amongst you will also have noted down the newly designed Hyundai 'H' badge on the front and rear of the Ioniq 6.

All these, Hyundai states, brings the drag coefficient of the Ioniq 6 down to a low value of just 0.21, which should be handy for keeping its yet unannounced range high.

Remember the extensive use of Hyundai's Parametric Pixels in the Ioniq 5? They are here on the Ioniq 6 as well, coming in at a total of over 700, Hyundai states, employed across the head lights, rear lamps, front lower sensors, air vent garnishes and centre console indicator, all the better to reinforce the Ioniq brand identity.

Customers will get to choose from a spectrum of 64 colours and six dual-colour themes for the interior of their Ioniq 6
Step into the Ioniq 6 and you'll note the use of a 12-inch full-touch infotainment display and 12-inch digital cluster, while a bridge-type centre console is said to offer convenient and generous in-car storage.

And if you haven't already guessed from the images above, dual-colour ambient lighting is also present here, with customers getting the options to choose from a spectrum of 64 colours and six dual-colour themes.

The Ioniq 6 is also said to make extensive use of sustainable materials here, perfect for appealing to a new generation of environmentally-conscious consumers.

There's thus eco-process leather or recycled PET fabric on the seats depending on chosen trim level, as well as the use of various bio fabrics and paints on the dashboard, headliner, and doors. And the carpeting here is made from recycled fishing nets.

No drivetrain details have been revealed for the Ioniq 6 as yet, although Hyundai does state that it will be based upon the firm's Electric Global Modular Platform, which has already seen use in the Kia EV6 where power output has been brought to a grand peak of 577bhp.

As with the Ioniq 5, the Ioniq 6 is also expected to come with vehicle-to-load capability, allowing you to utilise your vehicle as an oversized power bank.

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