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Briggs Automotive Company has officially announced NB Auto as its dealer here in Singapore and Malaysia, with the full Mono range scheduled to arrive here.

05 Jul 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Just as we reported earlier this week, the Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has now confirmed that it will be starting a new partnership with premiere dealership NB Auto to bring the Mono here in Singapore as well as in Malaysia.

Established in 2014, NB Auto is a renowned dealer of specialist British marques where they operate and maintain dedicated bonded vehicle storage for high end automobiles. The firm is also the official dealer for the Morgan brand here in Singapore.

An overall 555kg weight alongside a 342bhp power output means the BAC Mono R has a power-to-weight ratio of 613bhp/tonne
They are also experts in assisting customers in the importation of supercars from around the world. BAC states that a Mono supercar will be on display and that NB Auto will offer clients the full Mono range at their premises in Singapore, which is currently listed on its Instagram page as 14 Benoi Crescent.

BAC states that the NB Auto team will also regularly present the Mono at a host of Malaysian automotive events to bring new fans to the BAC brand.

The move means that fans of BAC will be able to view, drive, and purchase the Mono for the first time in Singapore and Malaysia after 10 years of production for BAC.

Neill Briggs, Co-Founder of BAC stated regarding the announcement, "Mono is a true global supercar, and is now exported to over 47 territories. Our latest Mono R is the new reference for supercars and the brand-new concept e-Mono has been well received around the world as a viable and credible way to drive towards zero emissions. We are delighted to welcome the team at NB Auto to the BAC family and look forward to delivering their demonstration Mono supercar later this month, ready to show potential customers in this exciting new territory for Mono."

Douglas Ng of NB Auto also added, "We are delighted to be appointed as BAC dealer for both Singapore and Malaysia. This represents a new milestone for our company as we continue to expand. BAC is the world's only bespoke single-seater supercar which redefines the spirit of driving with cutting edge technology and futuristic design."

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