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A 762km range, alongside the 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen could all be yours in the new EQS all-electric flagship, now available here in Singapore.

28 Jul 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Mercedes-Benz has launched its new, all-electric flagship here in Singapore: The EQS.

The EQS is the first all-electric flagship model of any brand to be launched here in Singapore (discounting the BMW iX technology flaghip, that is), although if you happen to be in the market for the best in luxury with an all-electric drivetrain, you'll want to note that the BMW i7 is also expected to make its arrival here later in the year.

The 'grille' of the EQS450+ comes with a pattern that is comprised of multiple Mercedes three-pointed stars
But back to this Mercedes: Two variants of the Mercedes EQS are available at launch here. The first is the Mercedes-Benz EQS450+. This variant will offer a total power output of 329bhp and 565Nm of torque, all sent to its rear wheels. A 107.8kWh battery comes with this EQS, allowing the car to reach a maximum WLTP range of 762km.

The second variant, the Mercedes-AMG EQS53, will also utilise this same battery.

However, electric motors at both axles here will deliver a peak of 649bhp, with a total of 751bhp available if the car's Boost function is activated when set into its Race Start mode. Peak torque from the drivetrain in this variant is 950Nm, although it also maxes out at 1,020Nm in the aforementioned mode.

21-inch multi-spoke light-alloy wheels come as standard for the EQS450+
This performance allows the Mercedes-AMG EQS53 to dispatch the zero to 100km/h sprint in a mere 3.8 seconds, or 3.4 seconds when Race Start mode and the Boost function is activated. WLTP range for this variant stands at 570km.

The 107.8kWh battery in both cars can be charged at a maximum of 200kW via a direct current charger, allowing both cars to be fully topped up in just 31 minutes.

Charging via alternating current meanwhile, is capped at 11kW as standard (though a 22kW option is available). Mercedes states that this battery will additionally retain a minimum of 70% of its capacity after a 10-year use term, or after having powered the car through a total of 250,000km.

The liftback rear of the Mercedes EQS450+ opens up to offer a total of 580 litres of boot space
You'll no doubt already have noticed that the EQS does not look similar to Mercedes' internal combustion-powered flagship, the S-Class. This EQS instead adopts a coupe-like silhouette with a bow-like form that stretches across the glasshouse. This placement of the A-pillar far ahead of the car, and the C-pillar far behind, ensures generous space for all passengers.

This design also allows the EQS to slip through the air with minimal resistance. The Mercedes-Benz EQS450+ comes with a 0.20 drag coefficient, which Mercedes claims makes it the most aerodynamic production car in the world. This figure stands at 0.23 for the Mercedes-AMG EQS53.

Exterior visual highlights for the Mercedes EQS include the use of Mercedes' Digital Light technology in its head lights, which combines a total of 1.3 million micro-mirrors in each headlamp to deliver as precise a light distribution on the road ahead as is possible.

The 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen comes as standard in the Mercedes-AMG EQS53
These head lights flank a blacked out 'radiator grille', which sports Mercedes star pattern on the EQS450+, and vertical chrome slats in the EQS53.

On the flank, both cars will get flush-fitting door handles, although the EQS450+ will get 21-inch multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, and the EQS53 comes with 22-inch aerodynamically optimised multi-spoke items, here finished in matt black.

Step within this spacious cabin and you'll also find the Mercedes-Benz EQS450+ equipped with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, alongside a 12.8-inch portrait-oriented infotainment screen. The Mercedes-AMG EQS53 meanwhile, will come with Mercedes' MBUX Hyperscreen, which combines a total of three screens across a 56-inch glass panel that stretches from A-pillar to A-pillar in the cabin.

Sgcarmart understands that you will also be able to opt for the MBUX Hyperscreen on your EQS450+, although this will be a $38,000 option. The Mercedes EQS comes to Singapore with a 10-year full servicing package alongside a standard 10-year warranty on its electric drivetrain.

Car Model Price as of press time
Mercedes-Benz EQS Electric EQS450+ AMG Line 107.8kWh (A) $527,888
Mercedes-Benz EQS Electric EQS53 AMG 4MATIC+ 107.8kWh (A) $753,888

Join us for a closer look at Merc's luxury flagship for the future - including its glistening and hypnotic Hyperscreen, and all the space you get in the rear! 

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