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The Flying Spur Mulliner Blackline replaces the usual exterior brightware for gloss black versions to embrace Mulliner's dark side.

19 Aug 2022 | International News : U.K.

Bentley has introduced the Blackline specification to the Flying Spur Mulliner, a car that sits at the pinnacle of the Flying Spur family. The Blackline specification will see all exterior brightware being replaced by gloss black versions. In place of the satin silver upper mirror caps typical of a Flying Spur Mulliner, the mirrors are now finished in gloss Beluga black.

The signature Mulliner matrix wing vents are also blackened, and finished with bright Mulliner branding. The radiator grille remains black with bright edges to the 3D design and the lower bumper grilles are also finished in black.             

The lavish interior of the Flying Spur Mulliner is a contrast to the sleek, minimalistic look of the exterior
Blackline Specification also offers optional black 22-inch Mulliner wheels with contrast polished 'pockets', or alternatively, 22-inch Mulliner gloss black wheels with self-levelling badges featuring chrome rings are also available. The new specification offers Mulliner customers further visual contrast with lighter exterior palettes or elegantly blend in with darker colour choices.

The luxurious interior of the Flying Spur remains unchanged from the existing Mulliner edition, allowing customers to enjoy any colour combination they choose as part of Mulliner's limitless offering.

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