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Nissan has revealed more of the modified Nissan Ariya that is set to embark on a pole-to-pole expedition come March 2023.

03 Feb 2023 | International News : U.K.

Nissan has unveiled more about its Pole-to-Pole Ariya and the exhibition team that will be making the journey.

The 27,300km journey will see the team braving Arctic ice field and deep snow, as well as steep mountain climbs and desert dunes. In order to prepare the Nissan Ariya for the journey, the Nissan design and engineering teams are working together with Arctic Trucks, a firm that specialises in building polar expedition vehicles.

This Nissan Ariya will be making the 27,300km journey with the assistance of 19-inch tyres as well as its e-4orce all-wheel control technology
Nissan states that the modifications to this special Ariya have been minimal, with no changes to the battery or powertrain. However, the car still gets a modified suspension, as well as 39-inch tyres. Nissan's e-4orce all-wheel control technology will be utilised to enable the car to tackle the extreme terrain, while keeping its occupants comfortable.

The modified Nissan Ariya will also sport a specially integrated espresso machine, complete with a good supply of sustainable coffee, so as to keep its driver focused on the long and isolated sections of the journey.

The car will also get assistance thanks to a portable renewable energy unit that carries a lightweight wind turbine and solar panels, allowing the car to take advantage of the high winds and long daylight hours of the polar regions.

Find out more about the pole-to-pole expedition, or keep up with the latest updates as the team prepares for their epic adventure, via the expedition's dedicated webpage here.

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