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LEVC is celebrating the production of its 10,000th vehicle at its state-of-the-art factory in Coventry, U.K., as sales of the electric TX grow.

23 Mar 2023 | International News : U.K.

Just weeks after announcing that the population of its electric TX has overtaken the population of the diesel TX4 in London, LEVC has now announced that it has built its 10,000th vehicle at its state-of-the-art factory in Coventry, U.K.

The firm's Coventry site has been manufacturing the TX - equipped with a plug-in range extender drivetrain - since 2017, with the first example delivered in January 2018 in London. The LEVC TX has since been sold in multiple markets including Paris, Madrid, Cairo, and Tokyo.

LEVC states that it is currently looking to grow into a leading zero-carbon mobility technology company, while continuing on the momentum from its record-breaking performance in 2022 which saw a total of 2,508 TX vehicles sold, its best annual sales performance to date.

2023 will also mark the 200th anniversary since the first first Hackney carriage was licenced in London, and 75 years since the first 'black cab' as we know it, was born - in the form of the FX3. LEVC states that to date, the TX has travelled more than 859 million kilometres globally and prevented 162,000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

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