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A British icon is about to become a familiar sight in Japan, as LEVC launches the electric TX London taxi in Tokyo.

15 Jan 2020 | International News : Japan

A London icon is about to become a familiar sight in Japan as the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has launched its electric TX model in Tokyo.

An 8.45m turning radius will prove useful in Japan's tight spaces and narrow city streets
The electric TX is a redesigned London taxi, purpose-built for both the taxi and premium shuttle markets, with ample space for six passengers and wheelchair access.

The TX combines more than 130km of zero-emissions pure electric range (based on the New European Driving Cycle) with the flexibility of an on-board range extender, which increases the total possible range to 600km. A class-leading 8.45m turning radius will allow drivers to negotiate tight spaces and narrow city streets with unparalleled manoeuvrability.

The electric TX will bring a whole new experience to Japanese passengers by not just meeting local regulations but far exceeding them, while boasting a panoramic roof, charging points for mobile phones and laptops, as well as unrivalled cabin space. LEVC expects the TX to be bought by operators who would otherwise use large premium saloons and minivans. The TX is also expected to have wide appeal thanks to its combination of greater space, agile manoeuvrability and far better wheelchair access, as well as its iconic association with the original London cab.

LEVC expects to have fleets of TXs and electric vans operating in major cities around the world by 2024
Since its launch in early 2018, over 3,800 TXs have been sold worldwide. The U.K. remains the biggest market, but LEVC's expansion into new export markets continues at pace. The Japanese launch of the TX builds on existing sales in countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark and the Middle East.

By 2022, LEVC expects that 60% of the vehicles built at its Coventry factory will be for export, while the remaining 40% will service the U.K.. By 2024, the company aims to have fleets of TXs and electric vans operating in major cities around the world.
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