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According to reports, Mazda is set to revive the RX-7 sports car as early as 2011, which will signal the end of the RX-8 model

04 Jan 2010 | International News : Japan

The new RX-7 could be based upon Mazda's Furai concept car, with a possible launch date of late 2011 or early 2012. The new RX-7 will be a proper two-seater two-door coupe, and could replace the current four-seater RX-8 in the Mazda lineup.

The new RX-7 could use an all new rotary motor developed by Mazda with a 1.6-litre displacement, called the 16X Renesis. The new engine is said to be able to produce up to 350bhp, although a more realistic figure for the production car would be around 200 to 250bhp.

The decision to discontinue the RX-8 comes after Mazda announced a 47.5% drop in sales for the four-seater sports car with unique suicide doors in the first quarter of 2009, as compared to the same period the previous year. As a result, Mazda has decided to consolidate its sports car range, offering just the MX-5 roadster and the new RX-7 for the time being.

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