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22 Jan 2008 | International News : France

• New Peugeot Partner Tepee range on sale in June 2008

• Innovative Zenith Multi-purpose roof

• Removable individual rear seats

• Powered by five engine options

Peugeot's new Partner Tepee will replace the current Partner Combi and will become the latest addition to the Peugeot Tepee range. Two Tepee versions will be available, the standard version and an Outdoor version aimed at customers who enjoy exploring locations off the beaten track.

The original Partner Combi was launched in November 2002 and since its launch over 16,000 vehicles have been sold in the UK. Sharing the same length as a typical family hatchback, but with a great deal more interior space and greater rear accessibility thanks to the two sliding side doors, the Partner Tepee is the ideal family car.

The Partner Tepee will be manufactured in Vigo (Spain) on Peugeot's No 2 platform, and will offer unrivalled space and modularity, combined with a modern stylish design.


The Partner Tepee provides optimal protection for all occupants in a high speed front impact due to its three front impact absorption structures (lower, middle and upper). The lower impact structure also enhances pedestrian impact protection and helps to reduce repair costs in low speed impacts. In the event of a side impact, occupants are protected by a reinforced B/C post, the doors and the seat structure. At the rear, a rear impact beam and the specially designed rear structure deform in a controlled manner, thereby providing optimal protection and limiting repair costs.

The Partner Tepee can be equipped with up to six airbags according to the particular model. All seats are fitted with three point inertia reel seat belts and the front seatbelts are height adjustable. For children, Isofix three-point mountings are fitted on the front passenger seat and the rear outer seats. An illuminated warning and audible alarm indicate if the front seat belts have not been fastened.

Three primary safety systems are also available: a "tyre under-inflation detection" system (a first in this market segment), speed limiter/cruise control and ESP (Electronic Stability Program), combined with a traction control system (ASR) and a hill-start assistance function.

A wide range of high performance, economical engines™

A range consisting of two petrol engines and three diesel engines will be available. This wide range of power units ensures the Partner Tepee is capable of meeting many different customer requirements.

Suspension, Steering and Braking™

The Partner Tepee has a pseudo MacPherson type front suspension and at the rear, a torsion beam with an anti-roll bar. The rear dampers are also inclined to reduce the size of the rear wheel arches and, therefore maximise the rear load area.

For effortless manoeuvring, two types of variable power steering are fitted and depending on the model, the tyres are 205/65 R15 or 215/55 R16. Optional 16" wheels are also available.

The Partner Tepee is equipped with four disc brakes and ABS, with electronic brake force distribution (EBFD), emergency brake assist (EBA) and automatic illumination of the hazard warning lights during emergency braking.

Bags of storage™

Busy families also need plenty of storage space and the Partner Tepee will not disappoint here. It has both open and closed storage areas. The fascia storage areas provide a total of 12 litres of storage, combined with a further 12.5 litres of storage above the passenger and driver's head. Further storage is also available in the front and rear doors, centre console, under seat drawers and under floor storage for both front and rear passengers. In fact there is a total of over 76 litres of storage space onboard.

Zenith multi-purpose roof™

Aimed at customers who need even more interior storage space, the optional Zenith multi-purpose roof makes intelligent use of the space under the roof panel and combined with four large glazed panels, increases the interior light levels in the vehicle.

It provides almost 80 litres of extra storage space and is accessible to all the passengers via the inbuilt overhead lockers running across the width of the vehicle, the central storage areas and the rear overhead locker, which is accessible from the passenger compartment or the rear load area. This innovative feature also includes three extra air vents for the rear passengers and a fragrance diffuser.

For families and individuals who enjoy board based sports, such as surfing, an ingenious internal support rack enables their boards to be carried inside the Partner Tepee. This rack maximises the use of the space created by the generous height of the passenger compartment and can accommodate objects up to almost 3 m in length.

There is also plenty of space in the rear load area. With the rear parcel shelf in place a total of 675 litres is available increasing to 3000 litres when the rear seats are removed.

A practical, spacious interior™

The fascia panel with its ergonomically placed controls creates an interior which has a reassuring solidity and quality. It combines good ergonomics with a skilfully designed array of storage areas. The different parts of the fascia (instrument panel dials, the fascia panel, the air vent trims and interior door opening controls) are also available in various finishes, depending on the chosen model.

Comfort of all the occupants was a major priority for the designers and as such, the front seats are both comfortable and provide a good level of side support. The driver's seat is height adjustable and the steering wheel can be adjusted for height and depth.

Three separate rear seats for improved modularity™

The ability to adapt to many different uses is a key requirement of this type of vehicle. The Partner Tepee is fitted as standard with a three-person rear bench seat which can be folded (two thirds - one third), or removed completely. To increase the modularity even further, customers can opt for three individual, reclining, folding and removable seats, an option not previously available in this type of vehicle.

The specially shaped back of the middle rear seat includes two cup holders, and when folded creates a table between the two outer seats. There are also folding "airline" style trays attached to the backs of the passenger and driver's seats.

Onboard comfort™

To cool down the passenger compartment in hot weather, manual air-conditioning is fitted as standard or available as an option, depending on the chosen model. It is also possible to opt for dual zone automatic air-conditioning, which gives the user the ability to set an exact temperature, a feature not usually available in this market segment.

The Partner Tepee is fitted with a radio / single CD player which can be combined with an optional five disc CD auto-changer and a hands-free Bluetooth mobile phone system. To make daily driving easier and safer, the Partner Tepee also benefits from: rear parking assistance, automatic windscreen wipers, automatic illumination of the headlamps and folding electric mirrors.

Partner Tepee Outdoor™

This model is aimed at customers wishing to explore areas off the beaten track. The Partner Tepee Outdoor has the following specific features: raised suspension, for a 10 mm increase in ground clearance, special 215/55 R16 tyres and an under-body engine sump guard, full grey "framing" around the front air intake grille, chrome fog lamp trims, strengthened body sill protectors, grey lower rear panel trim, black bumpers and roof bars.

Model Range™

The Partner Tepee range will be available in ten exterior body colours and with four trim levels including the Outdoor version, more details including pricing will be available nearer the launch date in June.
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