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3A Carmats - a local startup offer custom car mats and floor mats for commercial purposes besides securing a premium position since 2006.

17 Dec 2012

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3A Carmats - Providing quality and customised car mats for you

Car mats are designed to help provide protection for the original carpeting and flooring of the vehicle. They are ultimately there to keep the car looking clean. These mats can come in different shapes and sizes. They can also come in a wide range of colours.

It is important that you find car mats which are durable and can basically, trap dirt, dust and be easy to clean. So where is the best place to get them?

Who is 3A Carmats?

From humble beginnings in 2004, 3A Carmats has expanded to a factory cum retail enterprise today. Besides specialising in car mats, 3A Carmats has proudly advanced into offering floor mats, which can be used in homes, commercial/industrial buildings, indoor/outdoor areas, in aircrafts and even on ships.

Securing a leadership position in the matting business since 2006, 3A Carmats has exclusively patented a premium grade of floor mat branded 'EZZE' and has been appointed as the authorised distributor for '3A' and '3A8' mat products.

More notably, 3A Carmats has also participated in many events and exhibitions over the years, like the Super Import Nights 2007, SAFRA Carnival 2010, and the CATS Car Carnival 2010 and 2011.

What are the products and services 3A Carmats offer?

3A creates more than just car mats and offers mats for commercial, industrial and other modes of transportation like airplanes and ship
3A Carmats offers customised, made to measure, and trim to fit mats, in your favourite colours. There are three grades of mats to choose from and they come in different thickness: Standard grade at 13mm, Superior grade at 15mm and the Premium grade which is made in Japan and comes in a thickness of 20mm.

These mats are also available for the boot. You can even purchase them in large quantities to use as carpets at home or in the office. Personalised labels or wordings are also available for embossing onto the mats.

What are the advantages of visiting 3A Carmats?

The mats that 3A Carmats offers are of the finest grade. They are an average of 15mm thick, which is thicker than most brands of mats in the market and can be customised to suit your requirements. Thus, you can be rest assured that these mats will fit perfectly. As these mats are much thicker, the heel plate prevents premature wear and tear, unlike commonly used mats. There are more than 10 colours to choose from and there is even a service for you to emboss your very own name or label on the mats.

These mats are comfortable to the touch and are easy to clean by shaking it. If more intensive cleaning is required, a simple rinse with water will do. The mats are vacuum-friendly as well. More impressively, these unique mats offer excellent dust trap capability, waterproofing, sound reduction as well as fire resistance as an added safety feature. An anti-slip feature is also exclusive to the Superior and Premium grade mats, so you don’t have to worry anymore about the elderly and children.

Warranties are also included for the Superior and Premium grade mats for one year and two years respectively.

3A Carmats is able to customise mats for any vehicle make and model and there is a free door step delivery and installation with a minimum spending of $35.
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5 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #03-05 Eunos Technolink S(415936) (map)

Opening Hours


9.30am - 6pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs



82223311 / 61008800

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