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We take out the McLaren 12C Coupe not to explain the obvious exclusivity, beauty and power the car has. After all, it's what you don't see that's important.

06 Mar 2014

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Devoted supercar drivers will have you think that all supercars are absolutely fabulous, even if it means breaking a sweat every time you try to park your car at the multi-storey car park or drive down a slope with a hump waiting for you at the end of it.

The 12C Coupe charms with its curves and charisma
But that's not what we're here to discuss. We recently took out the McLaren 12C Coupe and as we were cruising down the highway, it suddenly occurred to me that if cars like this one were purchased because you want to show off to your neighbour's wife and not because of its pure ability to drive well, it'll be like you deciding to take a dump in the sink when the toilet bowl is right next to you.

So if that's the case, driving a supercar like the 12C Coupe in Singapore can be a tragic waste. Where can you possibly door-handle the car like a mad man on our roads? How can you possibly enjoy the car when our roads are sardine packed? How do you realise the full potential of the supercar? You idealise the 12C, that's what…

This brings us to the topic of the 'Singapore Dream'. In an effort to explain this, we have to start from the beginning, with the blood and bones. The 5Cs were extremely popular during the 90s. Known as cash, cars, credit cards, condominiums and country clubs, Singaporeans in pursuit of material wealth work towards acquiring these five different Cs.

Chicks are bound to be attracted to you when you're behind the wheel of the 12C Coupe
But what if we told you there are more than just five? In fact, what if we told you we gathered 12 perfect Cs (including the 5Cs) that wouldn't make you look like the typical Singaporean who has a materialistic obsession despite driving a spanking new McLaren 12C Coupe?

We start off with the sixth 'C', which shouldn't come as a surprise. Charismatic best describes the supercar's overall look. It's wrapped by a design that, although isn't in the now, will age well in time to come. Plus, unlike the aggressive looks of in-your-face Ferraris, the 12C has the sort of understated look that will attract the right kind of owners who know how to appreciate that less is more.

As such, you should have seen the number of people eyeballing us as we took a slow drive across Shenton Way, Raffles Place and Marina Bay. Office workers, especially the ladies, had their eyes glued to the car. There is no way you can blame them. Chicks dig the McLaren. We're sure there are other cars that can make them wet with drool, but nothing quite like how a McLaren does it.

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