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We speak to Lexus' first female Chief Engineer and find out more about its new compact hybrid hatchback, the CT200h.

05 Jun 2014

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Japanese luxury brand, Lexus, may seem like the typical Japanese carmaker where it's sunk into an integral part of conventional Japan, where it could be deemed unorthodox to have such a ridiculous event like having a female chief engineer.

The CT200h is now in line with the rest of the Lexus cars, most prominently shown by the spindle grille in front
Thus, we were particularly intrigued when Lexus announced its latest CT, and introduced the first female chief engineer behind the car's accomplishment.

We aren't exactly scholars of engineering. But before you can sarcastically smack your foreheads and murmur, "You don't say?", we're giving you the next best thing by highlighting Ms. Chika Kako, Chief Engineer of the Lexus CT200h, who is undoubtedly more qualified than us in the engineering department.

Having worked with Toyota Motor Corporation for over 12 years, Ms. Chika Kako was assigned to the job in June 2012. She brings to the table an extensive experience within Toyota and Lexus, including work on the RX and IS model ranges, proving that you can indeed juggle the household chores and get your hands dirty with some serious talent on the side.

SGCM: Former CT Chief Engineer Osamu Sadakata set the bar high with the previous CT200h. How challenging was it using him as a benchmark?

CK: Thanks to Chief Engineer Sadakata, the CT was already very popular, because of its sporty handling and great fuel consumption. In the 2014 model, we tried to enhance the model. He produced a great vehicle and it has been an honour to develop this new model.

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