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ACE GT makes car detailing and paint protection easy and fuss-free with their mobile services, at the same time ensuring top-notch quality.

15 Oct 2013

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Aesthetics play a significant role in establishing a good first impression. And like anything else, the condition of your car depends hugely on how it looks. 

Especially in Singapore where cars are pricey assets, owners often spend a good amount of time and effort looking after their rides.

Weather elements such as heat from the Sun, rain, and dust cause paintwork to lose their shine over time
However, with the myriad of paint care and protection products in the market, car owners may be in a fix to choose from the range of products for one that best suits their requirements and budget. 

The general consensus is that motorists are looking for is a fuss-free yet effective and reliable way to protect their car's paintwork against weathering elements - such as heat, rain, and dust - and at the same time safeguard it from scratches and man-made pollutants such as cleaning chemicals. 

Constant exposure to such materials may tarnish the paintwork and cause it to lose its shine. In more severe cases the paint coatings may peel, leaving the bare metal exposed to the elements, and may start to rust. 

Ways to care for the shine in your car

There is a wide range of paintwork grooming products on the market. Common paint care ranges from the rudimentary washing, to polishing and waxing. More recently, there are also more advanced paint sealant methods that can protect car paint from minor scratches and oxidation from weather elements.

Conventional car wax may be effective to restore the shine in paintwork, but is less resistant to weather conditions
Conventional car wax, as the name suggests, is an oil-based product, which helps to instil a glossy effect to the car's paintwork. However, car wax is more susceptible to weather conditions, such as rain and heat from the sun, and tends to dissolve more easily, thus losing their effectiveness. 

On the other hand, the more technologically advanced products, such as paint sealants, which can form strong bonds to the paintwork, are more lasting and resistant to weathering conditions. Hence, these products are more effective. But on the down side, they tend to be more costly.
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