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Building on its reputation as one of the key players in the wheels and tyre industry, H Tyre now carries the latest range of SSR products.

19 Jan 2016

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A car's wheels are like its shoes: the colour, design and type of shoe definitely has an impact on the wearer's overall look, and it is no different for cars. Different wheel designs can dramatically enhance and alter a car's visual outlook as well as its personality.

An extensive range of rims caters to every customer's needs
However, changing a car's wheels is a process that is more than just skin deep. Much like different shoes will affect you differently in terms of walking comfort, different rims and tyres affects the car's performance, handling and overall driving characteristics.

Who is H Tyre and what products or services does it offer?

H Tyre is one of the most established key players in the aftermaket industry, and specialises in wheels and tyres since it began operations in 2003. As one of the pioneers in rims and tyres retail, the company has built an extensive list of brands under its belt, including SSR, D2, Rota, Mahom and TWS (the latest range of super high-end wheels). The company is also the only shop in Singapore to be an authorised dealer for all tyre brands.

With its 3,353m2 premise, H Tyre also offers one-stop motoring solutions such as general servicing and maintenance, repair services and air-con servicing, on top of its aftermarket customisation services and tyre/rim services.

What is unique about H Tyre and its products?

The company prides itself in carrying products of the highest quality and craftsmanship, and carries renowned international brands such as D2 and Rota. The latest range of products that H Tyre now carries is SSR wheels, a well established Japanese wheel manufacturer. The company carries the full range of SSR products, ranging from 16-inch to 20-inch rims. H Tyre is also the authorised dealer for SSR in Singapore, as well as the key local distributor.
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