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Koh Guan Chua Workshop has the dexterity to tackle car insurance issues, a dingy and faded paint job and even an engine overhaul, all under one roof.

30 Dec 2016

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Growing progressively within a short period of time, Koh Guan Chua Workshop is one of the most frequented and talked about all-in-one workshops, thanks to its great customer service and advanced spray painting methods.

Koh Guan Chua turns bodywork repair into an art
Who is Koh Guan Chua Workshop and what services does it offer?

Established in 1967, Koh Guan Chua Workshop specialised mainly in spray painting, bodywork repair and accident claims. It then grew to include services like bodykit installation, panel beating and servicing. From Japanese-made cars to continental ones, Koh Guan Chua Workshop can handle them all.

Currently, the workshop also deals with fleet management. "Some of our customers are bosses of their own companies, and when they like our service they hand over 10 or 30 company cars for us to take care of," says Mr. DJ Koh, Director at Koh Guan Chua Workshop.

Specialising in paint protection, chrome painting and high end water transfer printing, Koh Guan Chua Workshop is at the top of its game when it comes to customised paint jobs. There are about 20-odd staff working tirelessly to meet the expectations and demands of every individual customer.

A kaleidoscope of car paint colours courtesy of Spies Hecker
What are some of the advantages of taking your car to Koh Guan Chua Workshop?

Because it's a one-stop automotive workshop, you can expect your beloved set of wheels to be taken care of from head-to-toe whether it has to do with cosmetic changes, regular servicing and maintenance or repairs.

The workshop also has a wide array of automotive bodykits for most car makes and models, and its comprehensive product range is continuously updated to meet the needs of an ever-changing automotive market.

Be it machinery or software, Koh Guan Chua Workshop invests in the latest models and upgrades to provide unparalleled repair jobs. DJ and his team of friendly and dedicated technicians will assist you from the start to the end of the entire accident, repair and claims process.
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14 Ang Mo Kio Street 63 S(569116) (map)

Opening Hours


9.30am - 6.30pm (Mon - Fri) 9.30am - 5pm (Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs



90092878 / 81892987 / 94595767 / 81892986

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