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To address the needs of drivers in the growing SUV segment, Bridgestone has come up with the ALENZA 001 - a new on-road tyre for premium SUVs.

07 Jun 2017

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Running the right tyres is paramount to a vehicle's performance, fuel economy and, most importantly, your safety. For example, placing racing slicks on a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) just wouldn't make any sense.

Choosing the right on-road tyre for an SUV is paramount to its performance, especially in the city
SUVs, which have seen an exponential growth on our roads lately, are renowned for their off-road capabilities but not so much for their on-road performance. That's why choosing the right tyre for an SUV that spends most of its time in the city can be a head scratcher as there aren't many options to choose from.

A new on-road tyre for premium SUVs

The folks over at Bridgestone have come up with a new tyre designed exclusively for premium SUVs - the ALENZA 001. It is the company's flagship model in the new ALENZA tyre lineup and was developed using Ultimat Eye - Bridgestone's proprietary optimisation process and indoor testing facility.

The name ALENZA stems from the concept of a premium tyre that brings out, at a high level, the diverse capacities of premium SUVs. Al stands for 'to', 'toward', or 'a wing' in Latin; and enza refers to elegance, performance and refinement.

As testament to its performance and outstanding technology, the ALENZA has been selected by several premium carmakers - such as Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen - to be used as original fitment tyres in their SUV lineups.

Chamfering prevents the ALENZA's edges from curving inwards during braking
Safe tyres, save lives

The ALENZA 001 has been engineered to provide instant steering response, straight line stability, excellent wet handling, and enhance wet braking. This is achieved by a Multi-Round Block Structure, which features an optimally-rounded rib edge that raises the tyre's contact pressure at the rib centre.

By rounding off the tyre block's end section, also known as chamfering, Bridgestone has managed to prevent the tyre's edges from curving inwards while braking. This results in the ALENZA being able to maintain flat contact with the road and attain high-level braking performance.

Midway through the cross section of the ALENZA are 3D M-shaped small grooves, which help prevent irregular wear by reducing the movement of the tyre tread. They also help extend the tyre's lifespan by up to 11 percent more than Bridgestone's other SUV tyres such as the Dueler H/P Sport.

Product Information

Bridgestone Alenza 001

List Price


$155 - $360



No matter the journey, ALENZA 001 is designed for power and pleasure.

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