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The Yokohama BluEarth RV-02 has been specifically designed to meet the unique demands of CUVs and MPVs, offering great comfort and stability.

11 Dec 2018

In the past couple of years, the Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) segment has rapidly grown, with just about every manufacturer now offering a model in this highly competitive segment.

The Yokohama RV-02 has been specifically designed to meet the unique demands of CUVs and MPVs
Trying to pinpoint the exact appeal of crossovers can be difficult. After all, SUVs have been around for so long now, but they are traditionally four-wheel drive off-roaders designed to conquer all kinds of road and weather conditions.

Crossovers deliver the high ride height and imposing presence of an SUV, but are focused entirely on city driving. This means that four-wheel drive tends to be ditched in favour of two-wheel drive, among other differences.

When it comes to tyres, there isn't a one-size-fit-all solution. Yes, you can technically fit your CUV or MPV with extra grippy low-profile performance tyres, but you won't necessarily be getting the best from your tyres. After all, it's like buying a pair of shoes. You wouldn't buy a pair of running shoes to play tennis, or vice versa, right? You could do it, technically, but it's far from ideal.

Thus, having a tyre suited to the specific characteristics of a vehicle is important. Tyre manufacturers, of course, recognise this growing trend towards CUVs and MPVs, which is why Yokohama is now offering a new tyre aimed specifically at such vehicles - the BluEarth RV-02.

The twin power ribs in the asymmetric tread pattern improve steering stability
CUVs and MPVs offer generous amounts of space, but because they tend to be of a more boxy shape, as well as usually sporting larger rims, there is usually more noise inside the cabin.

Additionally, because of the high ride height and high centre of gravity, these cars inevitably exhibit more body roll. This means greater instability as far as side-to-side movement is concerned, as well as more uneven wear.

Also, compared to the more traditional family sedan, CUVs and MPVs are usually heavier, which leads to longer braking distances, higher fuel consumption and increased tyre wear.

Function and purpose

The RV-02 was designed with three key objectives in mind - anti-wobble and low noise, anti-uneven wear, as well as excellent wet performance.

The RV-02 has an exclusively developed asymmetric tread design tuned specifically for CUVs and MPVs. The twin power ribs enhance steering stability, while the diagonally cut grooves improve water-drainage performance. The power inside shoulder reduces uneven wear, while also improving handling and stability. The four straight grooves increase the tyres' resistance to hydroplaning, improving the car's wet performance.

The 'Grand Silent' outside tyre shoulder has noise-suppressing grooves to enhance driving comfort
The 'Grand Silent' outside shoulder of the tyre is designed with noise-suppressing grooves, and uses a slightly firmer compound to reduce uneven wear and wobbling.

Within the outside shoulder, there are two types of different shaped three-dimensional sipes to disperse tyre noise and reduce uneven tread wear. And finally, there are also silent edge grooves to reduce noise as well. The RV-02 also adopts the mound profile from the Advan Sport V105.

In conventional models where the tyre profile is flat, when the tyre comes into contact with the tarmac, extra pressure is placed on the edges of each rib, which causes uneven surface wear. With a curved profile (hence the 'mound profile' name), this allows the tread surface to have even surface pressure when in contact with the road, which ensures even tread wear.

The nano blend compound specifically developed for the RV-02 also contributes to the tyre's excellent wet performance. Two types of silica are used - one that enhances braking performance in wet conditions, and another that improves fuel economy. A blend of multiple polymers is also used to provide better fuel economy, wear resistance and wet grip. Orange oil is also used to make the rubber more supple, allowing it to have closer contact with the road surface.

The RV-02 uses a blend of two types of silica compounds to offer improved wet weather braking performance, as well as better fuel economy
Precise requirements

The purpose of these technical developments is to provide CUV and MPV drivers with a tyre that is ideally suited for such vehicles. By taking into account the obvious size, weight and dynamic characteristics of these vehicles, the RV-02 delivers the maximum safety and efficiency that drivers seek.

The new Yokohama BluEarth RV-02 is available across a wide range of sizes, from 16 to 19-inches.

You can find the new BluEarth RV-02 at all Yokohama authorised distributors. For more information, please visit
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Yokohama BluEarth RV-02

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A view toward suppressing the tendency of tall and heavy vehicles to shake, resulting in uneven tire wear, while also delivering a superior quietness.

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