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The Dunlop Veuro VE303 is made in Japan, and is the tyre you want if you are looking for silence, comfort, and improved wear life.

22 Jan 2019

Lexus has a long-standing history for its extreme comfort abilities and high levels of luxury. It would make sense if a tyre used for a car of this calibre is one which compliments its abilities.

The VE303's levels of comfort and quietness is a perfect match for a car like the Lexus ES
It comes to no surprise then that the Lexus ES you see here is fitted with Dunlop's latest tyre in its Veuro premium range, the made-in-Japan Dunlop Veuro VE303.

The Veuro VE303 is all new, and will replace the previous premium tyre offering from Dunlop, the VE302.

The new Veuro tyre is for drivers who want all the benefits of a good performing tyre for the road, but do not want to sacrifice comfort and quietness, too.

The innovations that have been incorporated into the tyre complement each other to help achieve its quiet road-holding abilities, with improved wear life.

Keeping noises down low

One of the highlights of the Veuro VE303 is its quietness, thanks to a new thread pattern that has been developed to reduce vibrations and pattern noise.

The new thread pattern helps to reduce noise due to air getting trapped in the grooves
Sounds also can occur when air is compressed in the grooves, and the new thread pattern further reduces the chance of this happening.

Also aiding in keeping noises low is the new Hybrid Band structure with SilentCore technology. It encompasses a special sound absorbing sponge at the core of the tyre.

When you hit bumps on the road, sound is amplified through the tyre's hollow interior that resonates into the cabin. But with this acoustic sponge embedded, it helps absorb any noises that may be transmitted through the tyre.

Performance not compromised

When driving hard, tyres may be susceptible to varying levels of deformation. This has a detrimental effect to tyre performance, as predictability of how the tyre performs is compromised. Aside from reducing road noise, the Hybrid Band structure also provides increased rigidity in the Veuro VE303.

The rigidity of the Veuro VE303 is increased allowing for better driving feel without compromising on its quietness
Coupled with a Strip Apex that helps strengthen the sidewall, the VE303 is able to uniformly handle deformation.

The new thread pattern helps with rigidity distribution, too. It increases the contact ratio for the outside of the tyre, offering a higher contact area compared to the VE302. This allows for better grip, steering stability and feel.

A new compound developed for the VE303 combines silica with modified polymer and is able to bond with the road better in the wet. This low heat compound fills up the creaks and cracks on the road, giving it increased adhesive properties and ensuring more grip.

Improved fuel efficiency and wear life

These improvements in performance and quietness also has a positive effect on fuel efficiency and wear life, too.

The new silica and modified polymer compound in the VE303 gives the tyre its fuel efficient properties
The new compound draws on the high bonding strength of silica, which in turn reduces heat. With less heat, it results to less rolling resistance - reducing fuel consumption.

The optimised Hybrid Band structure also helps in the long run, as it allows for more uniformed tyre wear. Thread depth also remains at a constant level, even when the tyre is in its terminal stage of wear. This means that even when the tyre is worn, water drainage performance is not completely compromised.

These improvements allow for an improved wear life of 25% over its predecessor, the Veuro VE302.

A range of applications

Dunlop has the Veuro VE303 available in a range of sizes - 43 in total, from 16 to 20 inches.

Thus, the Veuro VE303 is a wise choice for car owners, especially those who would like a tyre that is quiet on the road without compromising on safety and performance in the long run. Plus, Dunlop provides a five-year warranty on the VE303 from the date of installation.

The Veuro VE303 can be purchased through the distribution partner of Dunlop, Binter. For more information, visit the Dunlop Singapore website here or contact Dunlop at 6345 7611.
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Dunlop Veuro VE303

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