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Got into an accident? You need to choose the right shop to revert your car to its former glory. Here's why Oh My Car is the one!

05 Dec 2019

As drivers, most of us have our fair share of experiences when it comes to car body damages. It can be due to an oversight when reversing, a scuff against the pillar when you turn too early or even an unfortunate accident while on the roads.

While the incidents and the resulting damages might be similar across the board, the quality of the repair work can greatly differ from one shop to another. Hence, it is of utmost importance to choose the right shop to restore your precious car to its original condition.

Oh My Car - fresh new workshop backed with 30 years of experience

Oh My Car traces back to 1991, being in the industry for decades, you can trust its experience and skill
Formerly known as Flying High Spray Painting, Oh My Car has its roots in the Eunos industrial area back in 1991 when Mr Hock, who went through apprenticeship some 30 years ago, started his own vehicle workshop. Backed by the guidance of the experienced Mr Hock, talented individuals with outstanding skills joined the company and formed a passionate and professional team who can fix any dents, scratch or other body damages on your car.

While some workshops might focus on speed in order to complete more jobs in a shorter time span, at Oh My Car, quality is a value that is highly emphasised. When you send your car to Oh My Car, you can be assured of complete attention and care. Even if more time has to be spent, it will still ensure its utmost effort and put forward the best workmanship they can offer.

Car repair experts - getting your damaged car back to perfect condition

Repairing a damaged car often require metal work such as panel beating and sanding of the surface before painting starts
Repairing a damaged car is much more difficult than it seems, it surely isn't as simple as piecing Lego bricks together. Getting a wrecked car back to what it once was, certainly takes a high level of skill and expertise.

When a car is damaged, some parts are replaced, while some sheet metal sections are massaged back to shape - requiring great skills and professional tools. In many cases, replacing of parts is actually a complicated and tedious process as the parts might not line up properly.

If you want to get your car looking as good as before, you will definitely have to approach the correct shop. From slight scratches to major damages, Oh My Car is able to complete the repairs for your car under one roof, it offers panel beating services and is also able to source for replacement body parts to get your car back to pristine condition as well.

Back to showroom condition - spray painting of car

Using a computerised paint mixing software, Oh My Car is able to achieve an accurate paint mixture
Getting the sheet metal and broken parts restored is just half of the job done. To fully restore a damaged car back to its original condition, a good paintjob is essential. Oh My Car uses a computerised paint mixing software and paint from Spies Hecker to recreate the exact colour of the car. With the help of the system, an accurate paint mixture can be achieved, to result in a spray job that matches the existing paint on the car.

Spies Hecker is one of the largest suppliers of paints with a long history, originating in 1882. Its reputation was built on the high quality of its product and technological innovation, assuring a satisfactory finish.

As a full-fledged paint workshop, it is also equipped with all the necessary equipment, such as an oven to ensure proper curing of paint, and a team of highly experienced and professional workers, some of them with more than 30 years of experience, to ensure a job well done.

Oh My Car is equipped with the necessary equipment and a skilful team to produce quality paintjobs
At Oh My Car, the focus is on delivering the highest quality of work done, hence after your car has been painted, it offers a six-month assurance on the work done, whereby you can get your car's paint touched-up to perfection (this only applies to flaws and defects on the paintwork, and does not include new accident damages within the time span).

A helping hand and guiding light - accident claims assistance

Having car insurance is mandatory, however this does not mean that insurance claims will always be straightforward and simple for the everyday driver to handle. Oh My Car is able to handle your accident claims to ensure a cost-effective and hassle-free experience with zero complication. Oh My Car also offers 24-hours assistance for accident claims and will go down to the scene of an accident to assist the customer step-by-step through the process.

Require repair works done for your car? Approach Oh My Car now! Oh My Car is located at 1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 6 #01-29 Autobay @ Kaki Bukit S(417883) and is open from 9:00am to 6:00am from Monday to Saturday.  To find out more about Oh My Car, you can visit its website here or reach it at 6749 2997, 9088 5504 or 9230 3750.

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