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D Motorwerkz is one of the more established workshops situated in Woodlands, and it can now handle hybrid car maintenance the right way, too.

02 Dec 2019

When it comes to hybrid cars, we all know that basic vehicle maintenance for them is similar, if not the same as a conventional petrol-powered vehicle. And when problems arise in regards to the hybrid system, most buyers would go back to the dealer they bought their cars from.

But there's another option for those who want their hybrid cars in top condition - D Motorwerkz.

A little bit more about D Motorwerkz

D Motorwerkz specialises in a host of vehicle related services, including repair and parts replacement
Situated in the North-West region of Singapore, Harvest @ Woodlands, D Motorwerkz spans two units and covers various aspects of vehicle maintenance.

And by various aspects, we mean a full suite. From regular servicing, to parts replacement, repairs, tyre replacement and wheel alignment, to even spray-painting services.

With a large parts and tyre inventory in stock for major makes and models, D Motorwerkz assures quick turnaround time - no need to wait for days or weeks for parts.

While quick turnaround times ensures that you never will have to take time off your busy schedule, D Motorwerkz is open all days of the week, including weekends.

About hybrid car maintenance

While similar to maintain as a non-hybrid vehicle, some extra steps to check the hybrid systems will prevent major issues in the long run
D Motorwerkz now has an added speciality to its large range of services - and that is the idea of a hybrid car being as simple to maintain as a normal, non-hybrid vehicle.

"This is true to a certain extent," says Dave Ng. He runs D Motorwerkz along with his two siblings, Zack and Fion.

"Aside from some Atkinson cycle engines that require different weight oils, the usual maintenance procedures are the same," he adds.

But when it comes to hybrid cars, there's an added check that he and his team do. "You must check the hybrid's cooling systems. If it is clogged with dirt, it might cause complete failure of the hybrid system," mentions Dave.

When it comes to the hybrid batteries, they are consumable. Upon years of use, it may require replacement. This is a service that D Motorwerkz can do, but it isn't a simple plug-and-play process.

When dealing with the electrical systems of hybrids such as batteries and motors, the area is cordoned off for the safety of customers and staff
"Some hybrid vehicles carry current that's almost the size of a house," says Dave.

"If work is being carried out on the hybrid system or batteries without due care, it can be very dangerous."

With electricity, comes safety

When it comes to handling hybrid cars, the most important aspect one needs to know is safety. At D Motorwerkz, this is assured.

Dave and his team have attended courses offered by the Institute of the Motor Industry in relation to hybrid vehicle handling. A U.K. based institute, it offers various automotive related training programmes.

Dave then showed us the processes the workshop has in place to handle hybrid systems with care.

D Motorwerkz has a full set of tools which are insulated for electrical work, ensuring safety when it comes to working on hybrid vehicles
No workshops would ever function without a full set of tools. But when it comes to electricity, not any set of tools will do.

The toolset at D Motorwerkz - from gloves to wrenches - are insulated and rated to handle high voltage. 

It also has a hybrid battery reconditioning system. It allows for the hybrid batteries to go through a charge cycle that prolongs its life, and offers information on the health of the battery.

And when hybrid cars are worked on, D Motorwerkz ensures that the vehicles are confined. This is to prevent customers and staff from the danger of getting an electrical shock, which can be fatal.

Another choice for hybrid owners

The trained and safe hands at D Motorwerkz give you assurance that your hybrid vehicle will be handled with upmost care
These steps that D Motorwerkz take to handle hybrid cars isn't just for show.

Safety is a very important aspect when it comes to these cars. And when it comes to parts replacement of hybrid components, it isn't something that should be taken lightly.

D Motorwerkz then offers an option for those looking for hybrid vehicle maintenance. With the team's experienced and trained hands, you can be assured that your hybrid vehicle will be safely handled with upmost care.

To find out more, visit its website or Facebook page. Alternatively, you can call 6734 7260. D Motorwerkz is located at Harvest @ Woodlands, 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #01-03 Singapore (757322). It is open from 9:00am to 10:00pm on Monday to Saturday, and 9:00am to 6:00pm on Sundays.

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280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-03/ 04/ 11 Harvest @ Woodlands S(757322) (map)

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9am - 10pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 6pm (Sun)



82004239 / 81260203 / 67347260

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