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Unsure of what you need to do after an accident? Vin's Automotive Group has you covered every step of the way with its suite of services!

25 Dec 2019

With over 30 years of experience in car repairs, Vin's Automotive Group (VAuG) has seen it all and is equipped to assist you at every step should you be unfortunate enough to get involved in a car accident.

We take a look at their suite of services on offer!

An authorised reporting centre

VAuG is both a repair workshop and an approved accident reporting centre
So you have been involved in a vehicle accident and are now clueless as to how you ought to proceed. VAuG thankfully has you covered every step of the way. To begin with, VAuG is both a repair workshop and an approved accident reporting centre, so you need not even bring your damaged vehicle to multiple locations to clear your paperwork and get your car repaired.

As an authorised reporting centre, VAuG is able to help you do accident reporting irrespective of the insurance company from which you bought your policy from.

But why do the accident report at VAuG? Simple. In accidents where the liability of the accident may not be clear, VAuG's team of highly experienced advisors can best advise you based on the circumstances of the accident as to what are the chances of you successfully submitting a claim, and add to the evidence available when submitting your claim against a third-party.

Let's get that car repaired!

With a strong emphasis on hospitality, VAuG has a long list of happy customers
Now that you have settled your accident report you are ready to get your car repaired. Thankfully, VAuG also has all you need for a worry-free experience.

But don't simply take our word for it, VAuG is not only an approved repair centre for a variety of insurers, it is also one of the highest rated workshops on Facebook!

This is no doubt a result of Mr. Gavin Khong's hard work, implementing a philosophy of 'Omotenashi and Kaizen' (Japanese for 'Hospitality and Continous Improvement') into VAuG's daily work processes. Customers at VAuG thus will not only receive quality workmanship but a high level of customer service that many other workshops do not provide.

But my car looks like a terrible wreck?

VAuG has the space and equipment to conduct all sorts of repairs, ranging from general body repairs, to spray painting and engine overhauls
With three full units at the top floor of Sin Ming AutoCity, VAuG not only has the skilled manpower, but the space and equipment to conduct all sorts of repairs, ranging from general body repairs, to spray painting and engine overhauls.

And even if you do damage some specialised equipment in your vehicle, it also has a large network of specialty shops which it has worked with, so there is no guesswork when it comes to working on any specialised equipment on your car.

Get a car rented from here as well

Get a replacement vehicle while your own is undergoing repairs at the same location
So now your car has rolled into the workshop for the necessary repairs. But in the meantime, you will still need a car to head to work and collect your groceries correct?

Fear not. VAuG also operates a car rental operation so you can even simply grab a temporary car while your own car is undergoing repairs. But why rent from VAuG? Simple. Because you already are a customer of the workshop, those looking for a replacement vehicle while their own is undergoing repairs can expect to rent one from VAuG at steeply discounted prices.

And for those looking for something else

Those looking for a new car can get the full package including in-house financing and car insurance all from VAuG
Even if you don't need to get your car repaired, VAuG still has plenty to offer. Firstly, it is also an importer of Japanese cars. Those looking for a full and comprehensive package when purchasing their new cars will do well to purchase from VAuG given that is also provides both in-house financing and offer competitive car insurance quotes from its insurance partners, on top of the in-house warranty for all cars that it sells!

VAuG's in-house financing services mean that you no need fear getting your loan application rejected by the banks. But better still, since the application is settled right at the site's office, your loan approval can be obtained almost instantly, with VAuG having made sure that the entire application process is fast and easy enough for anyone to apply.

For those expecting the highest levels of customer service and quality workmanship all at one convenient location, look no further than VAuG! VAuG's workshop is located at 160 Sin Ming Dr, #03-03 Sin Ming Autocity, Singapore (575722). Or call 6453 2121 for any enquires!
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