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Do not mistake it for just a one-stop servicing shop, KGC have the capability to restore your car from the ground up, inside and out at one convenient location!

16 Jan 2020

There are many 'one-stop servicing centres' these days that are able to do a complete servicing - engine oil, brake pads and various fluids, but that isn’t what we are talking about.

KGC workshop is a 'true' all-in-one workshop with the capability to repair or replace almost every single part of your car under one roof, in a large facility.

Over 50 years of excellence

KGC Workshop provides a true one-stop location for customers to repair and service all parts of their cars
In the closely knitted society of Singapore, word-of-mouth can make or break businesses, which is why we know we are at the right place when we found out that 80% of KGC Workshop's customers are introduced to the shop this way.

Koh Guan Chua Workshop (KGC) was founded more than 50 years ago, in 1967, as a spray painting workshop in the Sin Ming Industrial Estate. Over the years, under the management of Mr. Koh Dan Jian (DJ) and a team of experienced staff, KGC has evolved from a spray painting expert to a one-stop workshop that caters to bodykit customisation, mechanical repairs, servicing as well as many other services.

This year also marks the fifth consecutive year that KGC has won the Accident Repair and Claims category of the sgCarMart Star Merchant Award, attesting to its excellence in the industry.

Well-equipped and experienced to cater to all customers needs

KGC is a full-fledged spray painting specialist, equipped with a spray painting booth and oven
With more than 50 years of experience under its belt, you can be assured that KGC knows what it is doing. Spray painting and customisation of bodykits is KGC's forte. It is equipped with a full-fledged spray painting oven as well as computerised paint mixing systems to ensure professionally completed paint jobs.

KGC is also a specialist of custom paintjobs, offering the full range of specialised paints from Aikka to achieve any paint colour and finishing that you can dream of, be it a two-tone colour-shift, candy colours, chrome paintjobs or a matte finishing.

With over 20 experienced staff, KGC is not only able to offer spray painting, but also panel beating, servicing and maintenance, as well as major repairs such as engine overhauls and various other car related services that you should require. Equipped with eight hoists, state-of-the-art machinery and diagnostic equipment KGC is able to efficiently and effectively repair several cars at any given time.

KGC offers the full range of Aikka specialised paints to create any finishing that you can think of
KGC provides servicing with premium engine oil from Liqui Moly and HKS to ensure the longevity and performance of your car's engine. Additionally, it also does full diagnostic checks to ensure that your car is in the pink of health.

Your search for a workshop ends here - all-in-one workshop

Originally comprised of three workshops in the Sin Ming area, KGC has since consolidated its business into a single, convenient, 10,000sqft all-in-one facility at Ang Mo Kio. With KGC, customers do not have to travel from one location to another for various different services that they require.

The new facility allows more than 20 cars to be worked on at the same time, by catering to all your car needs under one roof, KGC offers an incredibly convenient solution to your car woes. Apart from the hoists that are usually seen at most notable workshops, KGC is also equipped with a Clean Room for detailing of cars, application of OnerPro paint protection films and 3KDef coatings, as well as installation of solar films in a dust-free environment with optimal temperature control.

KGC is equipped with the expertise and equipment to work on more than 20 cars at the same time
At KGC you can have your car rebuilt from the ground up. Its mechanics are able to sort out the mechanical kinks in your car, get the metalwork back in shape, give it a fresh coat of paint and get the new coat of paint protected with paint protection film or coating. Want the heat to stay out of your car? KGC is also a certified installer of Solar Gard solar films. Want to refresh the interior of your car? No worries, KGC collaborates with Jackspeed to cater to all your upholstery needs. Additionally, you can also purchase a wide range of accessories such as Thinkware dash cameras and AP Racing brake kits at KGC.

Make your car repairing or servicing process a simple and pleasant one

If you were to get into an accident on the road, KGC is able to guide you along, providing consultation regarding insurance claims and repairs as well as the arrangement of towing services. KGC is also an authorised repairer for Aviva Insurance, assuring quality repair work done as well as a seamless process for car owners that are insured by Aviva.

There's also a dedicated clean room for car detailing as well as application of paint protection films as well as solar films
At KGC, two hoists are dedicated for express services, saving precious time for drivers who just want to get their cars serviced. You can also book for a servicing slot in advance to ensure a smooth and speedy process. Its excellent service does not end here. If you send your car to KGC, be it for major repairs or a routine servicing, you can look forward to get it back in a clean and fresh condition - all cars leaves the workshop only after a complimentary car wash!

KGC Workshop is located at 14 Ang Mo Kio Street 63, Block B Singapore (569116).

For more information, please visit its website or Facebook page. You can contact KGC Workshop at 6453 6279 or DJ at 9321 0855 and Fadzli at 8189 2987.

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