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We consider what are the best ways of getting around amidst our current COVID-19 situation and the circuit breaker measures in place.

08 Apr 2020

The Government has announced new circuit breaker measures to inhibit the community spread of COVID-19. Most workplaces have been shut, everyone is encouraged to stay home, and you should go out only when necessary.

That said, the country isn't on 'lockdown' (or at least not yet). People can and will still need to get around, whether it is for individuals working in essential service sectors, to get groceries, get meals, or perhaps shop for amenities. But, given the current extraordinary circumstances, you should be mindful about the ways to commute if and when you do have to leave home. Take the necessary precautions to ensure proper social distancing, and don't spent time loitering or socialising outside.

So, if you need to get around, what options are available to you? 

Public Transport (MRT, Bus)

Public transport is still the most affordable means of getting around
For a large number of Singaporeans, public transportation is still the primary means of commuting, due to the fact that it is affordable and easily accessible. And, as of this moment, all public transportation is still operational.

As much as possible, we would discourage people from using public transport. With many passengers in close proximity within an enclosed space, it is a particularly susceptible location for virus transmission.

Pricing for adults

Bus (Trunk services) Bus (Feeder services) Bus (Express services) MRT and LRT
$0.92 - $2.17 $0.92 $1.52 - $2.77 $0.92 - $2.17


Commuting by taxi or PHV is probably 'safer' than taking public transport
We would instead suggest taking taxis/private-hire vehicles (PHVs) as much as possible. It's arguably 'safer', reducing your close proximity contact with people.

Also, taking taxis or PHVs will help to support these drivers who will inevitably be struggling during this period. Right now, it's quite common to see snaking taxi queues outside shopping malls. And, it'll also help reduce the density on public transportation, all of which contributes to social distancing. 


Flag-down Fare (up to 1km)            Every 400 metres thereafter or less up to 10km Every 350 metres thereafter or less after 10km
$3.20 - $3.90 $0.22 or $0.25 (HDT) $0.22 or $0.25 (HDT)
Grab Applicable/Displayed Fare (subject to dynamic pricing)

Min Fare Base Fare Per Km rate Per Minute rate
$6.00 $2.50 $0.50 $0.16

Car Sharing

Car sharing operators are business as usual during this circuit breaker period
Some car sharing operators are still business as usual. Based on SGCM's latest check, Blue SG, Car Club and Car Lite are all continuing to operate during this circuit breaker period. Thus, this is an option for individuals who need to travel on an ad-hoc process.

Existing customers to such car-sharing platforms will be glad to know that they can carry on usage as per normal. For new customers, you can click here for a breakdown of the different platforms available. 

(Pricing plans vary across all companies. Do check their websites for more details, or head here for more information).

Personal transportation (Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, PMD)

Do take necessary precautions when driving out, such as minimsing time spent outside
Those of us lucky enough to have personal transport, whether it is a car, motorcycle, bicycle, even skateboard, have a tad more freedom when it comes moving around. With added flexbility of movement, we can ostensibly go anywhere we want, anytime we want. 

However, be sure to still take the necessary precautionary measures when heading out. Wear a mask, minimise time spent outside, don't loiter in social spaces, and only travel out when necessary. 

Car Rental

Many car rental companies remain operational during this period
Some may be inclined to perhaps do a short-term car rental (perhaps for a few months), as this offers a viable alternative to public transport.

According to SGCM's last check on 7 April 2020, the following car rental companies will still be operating remotely during this circuit breaker period. Please contact the respective companies to arrange for the necessary services, as the offices will be closed. 

Car Rental Companies open during circuit breaker period
88 Motor Trading (Rental & Leasing)
A Star Car Leasing Pte Ltd
Absolut Car Leasing Pte Ltd
Autotrust Leasing Pte Ltd
Ban Hong Lee Motor Services
Benefit Auto Enterprise Pte Ltd (Rental & Leasing)
BKW Rent A Car Pte Ltd
Devos Vehicle Group
Dream Car Leasing Pte Ltd
E Capital Limousine Pte Ltd
F1 Auto Cars Pte Ltd (Rental & Leasing)
Golden Charter Pte Ltd (Rental & Leasing)
Hong Seh Motors Pte Ltd
Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd
Lay Auto Leasing Pte Ltd
Lumens Auto Pte Ltd
Million Auto Rental Pte Ltd (Million Auto Service)
Nordad Leasing Pte Ltd
One2rent Cars Pte Ltd
Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing
Pinnacle Rental
Precise Car Rental
Ride Now Pte Ltd
Scoopy's & Cream
Sgrentacar Pte Ltd
Skyway Motor Pte Ltd (Rental & Leasing)
STI Experience
T5 Auto
Tay Automobiles (Rental & Leasing)
Vin's Car Rental Pte Ltd


Walking is both the cheapest and the healthiest means of getting around! 
Last but not least, there is always our own two feet.

If you're just heading to the nearby 7-Eleven or supermarket, instead of taking a short bus ride or driving there, why not just take a walk? Yes, it might be a tad further that we'd normally consider, but some extra exercise never harmed anybody. And, now that many of us are working from home, the additional exercise is even more necessary!

And remember everyone, stay safe!

All information provided in this article is correct as of press time. 

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