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An internet-enabled dashcam does not just make accident claims go smoothly. Here's how one can make so much else that much easier.

02 Nov 2020

The Thinkware T700 dashcam now comes with LTE-connectivity, allowing it to offer all sorts of features such as the ability to remotely view the camera feed live, or to send instant notifications when you car has been hit when parked. It can even keep track of your vehicle's status and driving history, and inform your loved ones if you get involved in an accident, automatically!

If you're looking for the utmost in safety features from your dashcam, look no further. Watch the full video to learn more!

Product Information

Thinkware T700



The T700 features a 1080p Full HD 2-Channel front/back facing camera with super night vision & 140° wide viewing angle lens.

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