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Carsharing with Tribecar keeps us safe as we head out for our errands, even as stricter social distancing measures kick in.

23 Jul 2021

"The number of cases is on the rise how can we go out safely?"

"Hmmm… I might have a solution…"

Carsharing with Tribecar means we don't have to visit busy interchanges or bus stops as well as travel about!
With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise once again, social distancing measures have once again been tightened.

But that of course does not mean that life has come to a complete halt for us. There's still of course, food out there to tau-pau, appointments to attend to, and of course, groceries that still need to be get.

Thankfully, we have managed to keep our exposure to others to a bare minimum thanks to Tribecar. If, just like us, you want to keep as safe as you can while still heading out for your essentials, carsharing with Tribecar could also turn out to be your new normal.

A car for every need, at any time

Whether it is dates, work appointments, or just regular grocery runs, Tribecar's fleet of 800 vehicles will see to all your transportation needs
Unplanned dates and appointments may still jump out at me from nowhere, but there is absolutely no need for panic thanks to Tribecar.

For even though we may have been reducing our time spent outside doing our part to help curb the spread of the virus, Tribecar has been more than busy in the past few weeks, adding new cars into its fleet in anticipation of increased demand as more people come to demand safe transportation.

For a start, there has been an additional 150 vehicles added since we last met, bringing Tribecar's fleet up to a new total of 800 vehicles, all of which are now at the ready from over 600 different locations, and making Tribecar the largest carsharing service in Singapore.

What all this means is that just like us, by joining Tribecar you'll now be practically guaranteed access to a vehicle of your choice, at a location that is convenient for you, even if you're prone to making last-minute bookings.

A safer transport option

Even something like the compact new Honda Fit will easily see to an entire shopping trip's worth of groceries
And talking about the pandemic, the great thing about carsharing with Tribecar is that we no longer have to wait at any crowded interchanges or join those crowded buses, no matter where we are headed.

Tribecar's fleet are located across the island, so you only need to head towards the nearest carpark with an available car, minimising your potential contact with any strangers.

But for those that don't want to fuss with driving towards a petrol station, there's also the new option to pick up your booked ride from various Esso and Shell petrol stations, so you can top up your fuel and even grab a few snacks before heading off!

Tribecar also puts in great effort to ensure that its car remain safe for all users. Its cars are cleaned on a regular schedule, which includes vacuuming of all surfaces prone to collect dirt and dust, and a thorough cleaning of carpets and hard to reach places.

All high contact points are sanitised regularly by Tribecar, so users are kept safe when using the fleet
The cars are also fumigated as a preventative measure against pest infestations, and most importantly, all high touch points both on the inside and outside of the vehicle are sanitised regularly so all users are kept safe when using the fleet.

Watch a video of the thorough sanitisation process here!
Customers also can help to do their part, not only by keeping their car clean of course, but also be reporting any dirtied cars within their booking, and Tribecar will take immediate action to get the car spick and span once again!

As affordable as ever

And if you're planning on keeping expenses down in this pandemic-stricken economy, there's no need to fret.

Tribecar's new additions also include various economical options, such as the brand new and ubiquitous Honda Fit you see here, and the ever-familiar Mazda2. That means you'll feel right at home when stepping into the cabin of the car you book.

Booking a Honda Fit from Tribecar now starts from as low as $2.50 an hour with the newly created Standard Sedan (Value) category
And there's better news still, for these cars are joining the Toyota Aqua hybrid and the Mitsubishi Attrage in Tribecar's new Standard Sedan (Value) category, with rates just recently adjusted downwards to start from a low of $2.50 per hour during super off-peak periods, so you can stay safe while doing your grocery runs.

Keen to see if carsharing with Tribecar could also become your new normal? You could get a massive headstart on your way to carsharing with Tribecar, courtesy of its upcoming National Day promotion!

Simply Register your account with Tribecar by 30 September 2021, and you will get access to a $0 Deposit Trial Account with Tribecar, with access to more than 800 vehicles in more than 600 locations within the heartlands, just like us! Furthermore, you'll also be able to enjoy $56 worth of credits with your first $30 credit top-up!

Or why not check out my previous close run with Tribecar here?

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