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The latest Mazda2 hatch dishes up more of the same magic of its predecessor, only in a slightly bigger body.

16 Mar 2015

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The Japanese love their noodles, one of which is udon. Not only is it delicious, it is very easy on the palate too - even the children love it. Likewise, we recently came across Mazda's latest compact hatchback that boasts characteristics akin to the well-loved Japanese noodle.

A very brief initial drive of the new Mazda2 in Japan last June gave us a small indication of what the car had to offer. But this test on local soil was a chance to find out if the new model can live up to the bold goal of reigning supermini supreme.

Although the sedan version debuted at the Thailand International Motor Expo at the end of 2014, the Mazda2 will be coming to Singapore only as a five-door hatchback, unlike the outgoing model.

LED headlamps come standard with the Deluxe model


The Mazda2 carries on the 'KODO: Soul of Motion' design language first seen on the larger Mazda3, the Mazda6 and the CX-5 models and we must say, it works particularly well on such a small car.

Although it is a signature by now, the chrome wing running under the grille has a slightly more sculptural, three-dimensional look than any other car in Mazda's lineup. The aggressive look is emphasised by redesigned head lights, which Chief Designer Ryo Yanagisawa refers to as the 'Eye of a Beast'.

This bold front fascia leads into sharp side creases and on to a swoopy roofline. A squat rear end nicely finishes off the sporty look and a powerful stance is also exaggerated by placing all four wheels at the extreme edges with little overhang.

Measuring 4,060mm x 1,697mm x 1,495mm (L x W x H), the Mazda2 is 175mm longer, 2mm wider and 20mm taller than its predecessor.

But despite growing in all dimensions, the car has retained its cute diminutive shape. So while some cars in this class have grown so much that they're almost infringing on the class above, the baby Mazda has kept to its small car roots.

Sporty 16-inch wheels enhance the presence of the car

Car Information



: -

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve DOHC SKYACTIV-G

Engine Cap





85kW (114 bhp)



148 Nm



6-speed (A) with manual shift

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


19.6 km/L

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