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We go live with Lexus Singapore to introduce its hybrid lineup to you ahead of the Amazing Lexus Hybrid e-Auction 2021!

23 Jul 2021

We have gone live on Facebook once again!

And this time, it was with Lexus Singapore to showcase some of the cars that will be available on the Amazing Lexus Hybrid e-Auction 2021 happing this weekend!

A safe, new car-shopping experience

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There may be a rising number of COVID-19 cases here, but that does not mean you are no longer able to shop for your favourite cars. Quite the opposite in fact, for with sgCarMart's Facebook live events, you'll get to see all those cars, right from the comfort and safety of your own home or office!

Catch the livestream, or any other future ones for that matter, simply by checking in or following sgCarMart's Facebook page!

Regular MCF members would have also noticed the thread about upcoming sgCarMart and MyCarForum events on the Lite & EZ section. Alternatively, download the sgCarMart App here (for Android useres) or here (for Apple usesrs), and you will be able to get mobile notifications whenever we are about to go live!

Make sure to catch all our live events in the future!

e-Auction you say?

An aggressive exterior meets a classy interior in Lexus' latest facelifted IS
That's right! It's a virtual auction so, staring from 5:00pm on 23 July 2021, you'll be able to join from wherever you are, by clicking here, and from there all you have to do is enter your details, select a Lexus model that interests you, and you can enter your bids for the price of the car as well as the COE you're willing to pay for it.

There's a $500 deposit with every bid, but fret not, for if your bid is unsuccessful, the deposit will be fully returned to you. So there's no penalty at all to bidding, even if you are unable to secure a car!

But I want a car as well!

Well then there's great news!

To start with, you won't be bidding in the dark, as Julian and Desmond have provided a quick run through of some of the more popular models that are available in the online auction on our livestream.

If you're an avid Golf player, be sure to put down a bid for the ES hybrid! We check out how much boot space there is in one on the stream
These include the recently facelifted Lexus IS hybrid, with its youthful yet aggressive exterior, classy appointments within, as well as an innovative collision avoidance safety system and an impressive claimed fuel economy of just 18.5km/L!

And if you're looking for something a little larger, there's also the Lexus ES hybrid, designed to wow with its 'Takumi' designed exterior detailing and interior trim. You also get generous space for all with the Lexus ES, and as tested on the livestream, space for up to four golf bags in the rear!

If you're in the market for an SUV, there's options for you as well. Enter the Lexus UX hybrid.

It was sgCarMart's Car of the Year for its segment in 2019, and it also has a class-leading turning radius, which means you'll be able to cut your way through tight parking spaces and make quick U-turns with ease in this compact SUV.

There's also the striking and efficient UX hybrid for those that are shopping for a compact SUV
Better yet, its 181bhp power output and 22.2km/L claimed fuel economy both attest to a very efficient drivetrain. Step inside the UX and you still get all the great build quality you'd expect from a Lexus, despite it being the smallest of the brand's SUVs.

But that's enough talking. If you want to catch more of these three cars for yourself, you can still catch a replay of the livestream here and see the cars for yourself before you head over to the auction!

Many prizes on offer!

But don't just settle for catching a replay of the next time we go live, for if you manage to watch the stream live, there will be plenty of prizes just waiting for you to grab!

As always, we gave out to 10 lucky viewers that commented 'Amazing Lexus' during this stream $20 worth of Shell petrol vouchers each.

Before the stream was done, our hosts picked one lucky viewer who won a two-day drive on Lexus' Kinto share platform
Three grand lucky draw winners were also chosen during this stream, with two of them walking away with $50 of Shell petrol vouchers, and the final, penultimate winner even managed to walk away with a two-day Kinto share driving experience that lets you ride in any of Lexus' full hybrid models, or even the all-electric UX300e!

And even if you didn't win any prizes on the stream, don't worry. Simply by RSVP-ing to the e-auction here before 5:00pm 23 July 2021, you still will be able boost the warranty on your Lexus with a free sixth-year extention worth up to $6,000, and will receive $60 off your next booking on the Kinto Share car-sharing platform for the Lexus electrified model range, with a minimum two-day booking!

Of course, there's still the opportunity for everyone reading to get an amazing deal on their next Lexus, so what are you waiting for? Head on down to the auction here to snatch up your very own hybrid Lexus today!

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