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Car-sharing provides lots of convenience, but on which occasions do they fare better than other alternatives and what happens when things go wrong? We find out.

15 Dec 2022

Despite being small and highly developed, getting around in Singapore with public transport can still prove to be a hassle. After all, there are locations that might require you to transfer between different services, spending a long time and plenty of hassle to get to. And in situations where you have to travel around a couple of locations, such as visiting your family and friends during the festive seasons, even taxis and private-hire vehicle services wouldn't suffice.

If you need a car to run your errands, or simply to bring your family out, car-sharing services are the only solution that provides the most versatility, convenience and value. Today, we've contacted two Tribecar car-sharing users, Wayne and Michael, to share with us on how car-sharing have added convenience to their day-to-day life.

On which occasions do car-sharing services come in handy?

According to Wayne, car-sharing is particularly handy for bringing the family out to various locations in a day
Being drivers, we can think of quite a few occasions where car-sharing would come in handy, but let's find out what exactly drew Wayne and Michael into the world of car-sharing.

Both Tribecar users told us that they have been using the services for the past couple of years.

Wayne started back in 2019 when the industry was still relatively new and went with Tribecar, Car Club and Whizzcar, which were early movers of the industry - the three companies have since been united into one platform under Tribecar.

As one of the most established car-sharing providers here, Tribecar has the widest selection of vehicles in its fleet
Meanwhile, Michael discovered the convenience of a car to himself thanks to a friend's referral code during the COVID pandemic period.

Being married, with a child, car-sharing services have allowed Wayne, on the other hand, to bring the family to various locations on a day out, with ease. As an added benefit, having a private car to use kept the family safe during the pandemic.

Michael who has just gotten his driving license in 2021,  shared that car-sharing has allowed him to pick his girlfriend from her night classes and to head out for supper - something he couldn't have easily done as his family do not own a car.

How does car-sharing stack up against all the other alternatives?

With Tribecar vehicles within close reach, there's not much reason to splurge on buying a car
Intrigued by the respondents' decision to opt for car-sharing over the other alternatives, we asked the Tribecar users to share with us their rationale behind it.

In Wayne's own words, "buying a car is out of the question for me because of the high costs and financial outlay", and a car is also a depreciating asset that isn't a need for him to go about with his daily activities.

With multiple Tribecar vehicles within 3-minute walks away from his house, and the flexibility without any long-term financial commitment, car-sharing makes the most sense for him.

Car-sharing services allow someone who's just starting out in his career to enjoy the convenience of a car when he needs one
Likewise for Michael, the financial commitment of owning a car isn't something that he is ready for having just started his career, with him finding the flexibility of car-sharing services much more enticing.

While ride-hailing services are an alternative that can be more convenient - you don't have to do the driving, nor find parking.

Wayne pointed out the benefits of car-sharing when you have to get to multiple destinations in the same day, while Michael enjoys the flexibility of only paying for what you need that car-sharing offers, and how there isn't any fluctuating rates to worry about.

Have you ever got into an accident while car-sharing?

From the moment you start a car and drive off, there is a possibility of you getting into an accident
Regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving, accidents are something that might be unavoidable at times. There has been an influx of online posts regarding costly repair bills and insurance excess when a user damages a car-sharing vehicle - damages that cost several thousands of dollars are rather common.

To get a better understanding about the topic, we asked our respondents if they have ever gotten into an accident while car-sharing, and what their experiences were like.

Wayne shared with us about the occasion where he accidentally bumped into a car that was reversing into a parking lot at his estate's multi-storey car park.

Tribecar's emergency hotline will guide you on what to do should you get into an unfortunate accident while driving
Being familiar with what to do next, he proceeded to take photos of the damages and exchanged particulars with the other party before reaching out to Tribecar's live chat for further assistance. While the third party excess and the own damages originally amounted to $3,638, having opted in for TribeShield, Wayne was able to recover $2,675 - the total financial burden was limited to just $963 for the unfortunate incident.

Michael was luckier as there wasn't any third party involved, but having reversed the car into a protruding section of the wall causing multiple damage including a cracked windscreen, rather hefty own damages were incurred. Thankfully, being an avid Tribecar user, he too had opted for TribeShield, effectively reducing the first party excess of $3,210 to a total payable sum of $535.

What happens if you were to get into an accident while car-sharing?

With the protection of TribeShield, your financial burden in the event of an accident is limited to $1,000, ensuring peace of mind
If you are in the wrong for the accident, you will be liable to pay for the insurance excess for both the car you are driving and the other party's damages and this can come up to a substantial amount (it can even go as high as $16,000 with certain car-sharing providers). However, if you were to opt for TribeShield like Wayne and Michael, you will not have to pay through your nose.

TribeShield is Tribecar's proprietary motor insurance excess rider. It is an optional add-on that costs only $1.20 per hour (capped at $10). With TribeShield, the maximum effective insurance excess that you have to pay in the event of an accident will be capped at $1,000, limiting your risks.

Tribecar is the only car-sharing platform to offer an excess rider like this in Singapore.

Thanks to TribeShield, you can car-share with additional peace of mind even if an unfortunate accident were to occur. Fuelled by the positive experiences, both Wayne and Michael choose to opt-in for TribeShield every single time, and it sure seems like a wise choice to us as well! To find out more on how car insurance for car-sharing works and what TribeShield is, you can check out our previous article.
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