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10 Nov 2017

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At close to $401,000, it's relatively expensive

The Range Rover Velar combines high levels of off-road capabilities and technology with dynamic handling and comfortable driveability.

Remember university? The time when you struggled as a part-time waiter and a full-time student just to make ends meet? The time when you had to think twice before having a meal outside with your friends because you merely had $1.60 in your pocket and $3.80 in your bank account?

My elder brother once told me that if you bite the bullet long enough, stay honest and work hard, the hardest parts of life will soon pass and you'll then reap unique rewards.

The Velar comes stylishly equipped with two 10-inch screens, with the bottom one that you see here allowing you to toggle between drive modes

I remember my days as a university student just fine. It was one helluva experience. But it was the graduation that I hold dearest to my heart. While everyone was in their graduating gowns that cost over $80 to rent and nicely styled hair that took over an hour to set, I went up on stage with my torn and tattered jeans, along with a T-Shirt that read "Where were you while we were getting high?"

I wasn't trying to be rebellious. Rather, it was simply because I didn't have the money to rent a gown and I didn't inform my parents I had a graduating ceremony, which meant no one was there to see me collect my framed certificate. Plus, I wanted to graduate with style.

Dude, what has this got to do with the Velar?

Thank god. I could have gone on for another six paragraphs had you not asked.

This brings me to the Range Rover Velar, the fourth member within the Rangie lineup that plugs the gap between the stylish Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport.

Door handles will mechanically flush themselves with the car's body

The Velar, which is a name that was taken out of the carmaker's long and illustrious history books, is quite like the university student who graduates with a bit of attitude and style.

Comparing to its classmates like the Evoque and the Sport, the Velar exudes nothing but style and dynamism, even if it's at a standstill. From its flush door handles and futuristic headlamps to the quad tailpipes and the 21-inch wheels, the Velar will steal glances from pedestrians at almost every traffic light you come to stop.

Is it all show but no go?

Considering that it shares its underpinnings with the sporty Jaguar F-PACE, it sort of gives you a hint at how the Velar actually drives. Unlike many others that are unable to strike a balance between good looks and driveability, the Rangie manages to have a sweet balance of the two.

Huge 21-inch wheels do not hinder the car's ride comfort

Driven at high speeds, whether on the straights or around long and winding roads, the Velar handles itself with absolute alacrity. Remember, this is a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) we're talking about. But it defies the laws of physics and manages to carve corners like a hot hatch instead. Driven thus, you'll complete the century sprint in just 5.7 seconds.

This has got a lot to do with the healthy dose of 380bhp and 450Nm of twisting force coming from the 3.0-litre V6 Supercharged powerplant.
As you would come to expect from Range Rover, these impressive numbers are sent to all wheels via a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Is the inside as good as the outside?

It is, of course, more than just that. You can even argue just how much of a game changer this car is. The display and control system are something beyond any other cars we have driven. And we have driven quite a number of them.

3.0-litre V6 Supercharged engine is a hardworking unit

All Velars will get a pair of touch-sensitive 10-inch high-definition touchscreens - one at eye and the other at knee level. Dubbed the Touch Pro Duo, the upper screen automatically shifts forward by 30 degrees to receive you when you start the car. As a result, what you get is a cabin that's uncluttered, innovative, and incredibly gorgeous.

At $400,999 (as of 20th October 2017), the Velar is undoubtedly pricey, but we will have to consider the fact that the SUV looks and feels like its price. It's technologically luxurious, looks like a million bucks and handles itself well on and off-roads.

Cabin is a thing of beauty, comfort and advanced technology

It can't be that perfect, buddy

Of course, the Velar isn't without its quibbles. It loses out a tad in terms agility and feedback if you were to compare this to the Porsche Macan. In a sense, you won't be wrong to say that Range Rovers have never been known for razor-sharp handling or high levels of driver feedback, and the Velar isn't an exception. But as you've already read above, the car handles well enough for you to think you're piloting a hot hatch.

Get that man a beer. No, get him a Velar!

During our time with the car in Singapore, we didn't have the opportunity to take it off the tarmac and into the wild, but the car has proven itself to be more than capable when we did our first impressions of it in Norway earlier this year in July. And if you were to think about it, with a car that costs this much, I doubt buyers will have the heart to venture the car off-road.

673 litres of boot space is more than adequate for your needs

No loss, really, because the Range Rover Velar is quite simply a handsome lad who not only has a knack for being stylish but also manages to be a practical and very much capable on urban roads.

If you were to ask me, competitors should fear the Velar because it certainly has what it takes to convince potential buyers of its capabilities.
Car Information
Land Rover Range Rover Velar 3.0 Si6 HSE R Dynamic (A)
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Engine Type


V6 Supercharged

Engine Cap





280kW (375 bhp) / 6500 rpm



450 Nm / 5000 rpm



8-speed (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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