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The Ford Ranger is a truck that offers the amenities of a passenger car with the rugged ability of a full-on off-road vehicle.

08 May 2019

In colloquial terms, we like calling the Ford Ranger a truck - it sounds cooler - even though it is more commonly considered as a pick-up or a lorry.

So what really constitutes calling something a truck instead of a lorry or pick-up in our minds? Is it how it strays from the usual agricultural looks of one solely meant for commercial activities, or that it manages to fuse a lifestyle choice together with the practicality of one?

The Ford Ranger fuses the utility of a commercial truck whilst carrying five passengers comfortably

Well, the Ford Ranger is certainly for the latter, and it leaves a big impression.

Big truck

Before we start on the Ranger's design, its first winning impression has to be its proportions. Measuring 5,359mm long, 2,163mm wide and 1,848mm tall, its exterior footprint trumps even the big BMW X7 SUV in every regard.

While its gargantuan size is impressive, it excels on looks too with its dominating front end. Those who have some brief knowledge of trucks might assume it to be the F-150, the de facto big truck from Ford. Mind you, that is not a bad thing.

The Ranger name in block letters dominates the rear

Purposeful interior

On the inside you are immediately reminded that this is, after all, a truck. There is nothing spectacular on the inside, and the materials used give you a sense of toughness and quality that is hardy rather than luxurious.

Still, it is a nice place to be in. There are enough amenities that some passenger cars still fail to provide in this day and age. The driver's seat, for example, is power adjustable, and there is dual-zone climate control. Plus, you will find the latest Ford Sync 3 infotainment system has standard connectivity features such as Bluetooth and USB, and even Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

And because it is a truck, there's practicality added to the mix, in the form of a big cargo bed at the back that amounts to 1,180 litres.

The Ranger has dual-zone climate control, something you expect to see in all passenger cars in this day and age

How's this truck like to drive?

On the road, the Ranger is not difficult to place despite its size. This is thanks to its tall ride height and big windows allowing for clear outward visibility. Occasionally, you do get a bit of roar coming from the thick 65 profile knobbly tyres, but they're useful if you want to have a little off-road fun (more on that later).

While you're limited to the imposed 70km/h speed limit, there's no stopping the Ranger from getting there in a breeze. Powered by Ford's DuraTorq 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbodiesel, it pushes out 197bhp and 470Nm of torque via a smooth-shifting six-speed automatic transmission.

Power can be sent to the rear or all four wheels on the fly via a knob located on the centre console. No loud clunks or jerks when you do make the switch, either.

The 3.2-litre DuraTorq turbodiesel lump pushes out 197bhp and a satisfying 470Nm of torque

A little off-roading fun

But when you do decide to switch for some off-road adventure, the Ranger shines.

On the Bahtera Track off Lim Chu Kang Road, the Ranger has no problems whatsoever cutting across gravel as if it was smooth tarmac.

Along the gravel-laden Bahtera Track, there wasn't much stopping this Ranger from powering through

Still, despite having a low-range four-wheel drive mode, there really wasn't much need for it during our time with the car, even when we did get the Ranger into some wet, muddy grass.

Toggle it back to rear-wheel drive mode and you can continue to drive the Ranger spiritedly in such road situations. It remains to be very controlled and safe, even though you're inducing its rear end to hang out around a corner.

A working-class hero

The Ford Ranger is indeed a truck, and can serve as a lifestyle choice for off-road adventurers (cue G-plate Land Rover Defenders).

While the Ranger has impressive working abilities, it still proves to be a competent passenger vehicle

Fortunately, you do not need to register the Ford Ranger to a company to buy one as it falls under the Goods-cum-Passenger vehicle category, thanks to its dual cab layout.

Talk about a choice of car that fuses practicality and style...
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Car Information

Ford Ranger 3.2 Double Cab Pick-Up Limited (A)
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Engine Type


5-cylinder Turbocharged

Engine Cap





147kW (197 bhp) / 3000 rpm



470 Nm / 2500 rpm



6-speed (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


11.4 km/L

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