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03 Sep 2019

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You can feel the heft of the car on the move
At $210,000 (as of 29 August 2019), it's a tad pricey

The Volvo V60 is an all-rounder stationwagon that will haul the family from point to point in a stylish, spacious and speedy fashion.

We all know stationwagons aren't exactly the most popular cars in Asia. Many avoid them because their designs typically resemble a hearse, and that's always a bad omen.

The Volvo V60 is a stylish thing, even from the back

But what a lovely car this is - the Volvo V60.

Let's be honest. We're living in the 21st century, where a number of cars look more like they belong in the sky rather than on the road. Plus, stationwagons of today have become so sleek and modern that they no longer have that sort of lopsided swollen rear end design that has put so many Asians off.

And the Volvo V60 you see here is one such car.

The V60's proportions do not look out of place


On first glance, the car looks good. With its blacked out grille, wing mirrors and roof rails that are well-contrasted against the white sheet metal, the V60 is an impressive visual statement.

This also has a lot to do with its sizeable proportions. It measures 4,761mm long, 1,850mm wide and 1,432mm tall. In comparison, the Volvo is longer, wider and sits even lower than the already biggish and stylish-looking Audi A4 Avant.

Cabin is a sweet Swede affair, with quality materials used and sporting excellent fit and finish

The good looks continue in the V60's cabin. As you'd come to expect from the Swedish carmaker, fit and finish is nothing short of impressive. Step inside and you're greeted by a large 9.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system flanked by rectangular air vents, and a larger-than-life panoramic sunroof that helps make for a brighter and livelier ambiance.

Of course, if you're distracted by the myriad of functions available on the screen, there's a high chance the V60 will save your life with its comprehensive safety features. These include distance alert, and City Safety with Autobrake technology - a system that offers audible warning and engages braking automatically to lessen the impact of an oncoming collision.

No complains here: Class-leading 529 litres of luggage space


Front and rear occupants have ample space all around - a key factor for buyers of stationwagons. Thanks to the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, not only does the V60 have a 100mm longer wheelbase than before, boot capacity has increased to a class-leading 529 litres.

Fold the rear benches down and a generous 1,441 litres of hauling space will be available to you.
But more than just presenting space, versatility is the name of the game here. The boot has hooks and rubberised straps to hold your items in place should you decide to practice road hooliganism, with easy access to additional storage under the boot floor.

Despite its sizeable proportions, driving the car around tight carparks is as easy as breathing


Driven thus, the T5 R-Design variant will finish the century sprint in just 6.5 seconds. It's not the fastest and we don't expect it to be, considering its heft of close to 1.8 tonnes. In comparison, the Audi A4 Avant is almost 250kg lighter and will hit the 100km/h mark from nought in just six seconds flat.

Still, it's a respectable timing for the Volvo, and even more respectable for our test car to come with different driving modes (only available in the R-Design variant). Depending on your mood, you can toggle between four modes to enjoy different characteristics of the car - Eco, Normal, Dynamic and Individual.

2.0-litre turbocharged engine makes 250bhp and 350Nm of torque

This also translates to the fact that overtaking manoeuvres are fulfilled without the need to break a sweat. The sufficient 250bhp and 350Nm of torque from the 2.0-litre powerplant will see to that.

That said, buyers of such a car will unlikely be bothered by quarter mile drag races. Instead, space and comfort will be their priorities, and the V60 will not disappoint.

Despite riding on big 18-inch wheels, road noise is down low and comfort is up high with the V60

On the move, the Swedish stationwagon is effortless and enjoyable to pilot, thanks to the car's pliant setup and flexible chassis. Over bumps and ruts, the family car manages to maintain its comfort-biased ride, sending little or no vibrations to occupants on board.

All these add up to make short drives around town with the V60 a pleasurable experience, and cruising on highway a cinch.

The panoramic sunroof makes the cabin brighter and livelier

Steadfast stationwagon

In a time when carmakers are throwing everything they have on SUVs and crossovers - cars that make up the bulk of sales today - it is a breath of fresh air to drive something like the Volvo V60.

At least the Swedish carmaker still knows how to make proper stationwagons.
Car Information
This model is no longer being sold by local distributors


: -

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve Turbocharged

Engine Cap





186kW (250 bhp) / 5500 rpm



350 Nm / 4800 rpm



8-speed (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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