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The new BMW M4 is a bold, two-door coupe that delivers an unmatched level of athletic dynamism, sharp handling and focused performance.

13 May 2021

What We Dislike
Lacking in aural delight
Design isn't everyone's cup of tea

Having only driven the new BMW M3 a day before, hopping into the M4 feels tragically uninteresting.

After all, these cars are basically the same. Beyond the fact that this M4 has two doors and the M3 has four doors, and slight differences when it comes to interior space, the cars are mechanically identical. Same engine, same performance, same 0-100km/h timing, they even wear the same rubber. According to BMW, these cars are nigh on identical twins. 

But are they?

Highlighted differences

You can toggle the M Mode display that provides a more focused dashboard view 
Let's get the obvious differences out of the way first. The M4 has two doors rather than four. It is 5kg lighter than the M3. It is 40mm shorter and 16mm less wide than the M3, but both have the same wheelbase. The boot is 40 litres smaller. And... that's about it.

Functionally, there are obvious compromises when it comes to a two-door coupe such as this one. Because there's a need to still accommodate rear-seat passengers, the door on the M4 is a lot longer compared to the M3. I found this to be quite challenging, especially when trying to get in and out of the car in tighter parking spaces.

Visually, the M4 is a sleeker, meaner car. Just…don't get it in this highlighter yellow exterior and blue/yellow interior combination. It just looks gaudy and overzealous. Black. Black is good.

Style and purpose

The M4's sharp handling and agile precision through corners is remarkable
On the road, the M4 is expectedly similar to the M3, which is to say that it is absolutely outstanding. Traction is ample, steering sharp and accurate, and again the car's chassis is the real stand out.

Is it sportier than the M3? Yes, a little bit, if you drive the cars back-to-back. The M4 demonstrates a tad more sharpness on turn-in, and the ride is just marginally firmer. But, honestly, without driving the two cars back-to-back you probably wouldn't be able to detect a difference.

That's fundamentally a good thing. The M4 is an outstanding performance car. Power is ample, of course, but more importantly the car handles delightfully. It's agile, balanced and intricate when it comes to tackling corners in a way that really separates it from other cars.

A bold choice

With dynamism in spades, the new M4 is a two-door coupe that breathes easy out on the open road
Without doubt, the new M4 is a fantastic performance coupe that delivers dynamism in spades. Just like its M3 brother, the new car is much more capable on the limit, but also more approachable and liveable with every day. 

Is it the one I'd have? No, I would rather the M3. Maybe I'm getting old, but I really just want the ease of four doors and not having to contort myself when getting in and out of the car in tight carparks. 

But for those who want the added visual drama of a two-door coupe, then the M4 is the choice for you. Just please pick a colour combination other than this one...

Car Information

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Engine Type


6-cylinder in-line M TwinPower Turbocharged

Engine Cap





375kW (503 bhp) / 7200 rpm



650 Nm / 5500 rpm



8-speed (A) M Steptronic with Drivelogic

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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